Captain Commando

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My all time favourite. PlayStation Simon Koetsier (422)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 5 4.2
PlayStation 4 4.5
SNES 5 3.8
Combined User Score 14 4.1

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Even with its few faults, Captain Commando is without a doubt the best unsung beat-em-up ever created. It is a very rare item, so don't expect to just go pick it up out of a bargain bin. It will take some internet shopping and youmight be able to pick it up cheap on Ebay. Doubtful you'll find the arcade version anywhere in Creation, so if you want to give it whirl, I highly recommend it.
SNESConsoles Plus
Les graphismes et l'animation du jeu sont assez réussis et les combats sont sympa, même s'ils demeurent de facture classique. Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas grimper et combattre dans de gros robots, comme dans le jeu d'arcade.
SNESAll Game Guide
Accomplishing Captain Commando's mission of saving the world should be a snap for your average beat-'em-up fan, as I made my way through game only half-attentively playing; this low level of difficulty, in addition to the simple gameplay and cartoon-like characters will appeal to the younger set, but beat-'em-up veterans will look for something actually testing their skills. Captain Commando's adventure is merely above average at best and with so many other, higher quality titles in its genre, it does very little to make itself stand out amongst the crowd. In fact, it's in the back of the crowd tying its shoelace while Final Fight 3 steals its wallet.
Such is life in the world of Captain Commando. It's a pale clone of Final Fight that manages to blunt or completely negate everything that was good about that other game, to instead create a collection of short, repetitive levels loaded with weak foes and more challenging bosses. The potential thrill of fighting them isn't worth the dull slog through their levels, however. My advice -- just forget about this game and play a few rounds of Final Fight if you want to enjoy some time with a quality Capcom beat-em-up.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Im Grunde ist alles, was hier geschieht nur, daß Ihr mit einer lächerlichen Figur durch neun grafisch völlig uninteressante Level latscht und dabei die immer gleichen, schwächlichen und stupiden Gegner verdrescht. Selbst die Endgegner sind schwach wie Stubenfliegen. Zwar besitzt jeder Charakter einen Special Move, doch kommt Ihr auch prima ohne dieses „unfaire“ Mittel zurecht. Und wer jetzt glaubt, daß es im Zweispieler-Modus oder mit der Musik und den Sounds besser aussieht, der irrt gewaltig.