Captain Commando Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Character selection
Captain Commando with a jump kick against enemies in the first stage
Boss fight while riding a mech
The Captain getting electrified, but some enemies are also affected
Ginzu the ninja using a gun
A more traditonal form of combat used in the boss fight
Armed welcoming commitee of the next level
Frozen and unable to get the mech
Freakish boss, but the player character on the right isn't any less weird
A good day to surf over water and shot some ninjas, I suppose. Especially if you're some kind of mummy.
The doctor's day was ruined by me it seems.
Enemy using a long claw
Just grabbing one of the many ninjas running around
Ginzu drawing his sword against some big enemies (again)
The enemy boss takes the form of the player here
At the beginning of the next level, with Mack about to slice a wave of opponents

PlayStation version

Title screen
Captain Commando profile
Character selection
Grabbing enemy. Note that the screens may show more of the playfield than on a standard TV that was available at the time of release.
Fighting enemies in the museum
Facing a boss
Attacking a bulk of enemies
Captain Commando battling ninjas
Between enemy mechs. But I'm also carrying a heavy weapon
Using a captured mech against the boss
Surfing and slicing

SNES version

Player Selection
Stage 01: The City
Wouldn't you just love to grab a police car and start throwing it at someone?
The captain is about to use his sledgehammer
The captain's magic
Say hello to Dolg
Stage 02: The Museum
The captain takes a hit
Some cavemen watch what is happening in front of them
Marbin may be cute to you. Too bad his breath is lethal
Stage 03: The Ninja House
The captain has found a temple
"Help! I am surrounded by Musashis!"
Say hello to Yamato
Stage 04: The Circus
"That monster is just too big for me to handle on my own."
Introducing Baby Commando
Stage 05: The Seaport
Destroy the doctor
Stage 06: The Aqauarium
Meet Z
Say hello to Shtrom
Stage 07: Underground Base
Here's Mack
He's having a Mack-Attack
These poor bastards are getting their brains sucked out
Say hello to Boots
Stage 08: Enemy's Ship
Say hello to Doppel