Carnivores: Ice Age Screenshots

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Windows version

When the game starts, you are asked to create or use an existing account.
Basically the game telling us we are about to join a hunting event organized by the "DinoHunt Corp.". OK, press "Accept" (I don't know what happens if you press the other button).
The main options screen. The number shown in the account section is the amount of credits (money) you have.
The options screen. Simple and effective. The graphics can be handled by Glide, software or Direct 3D (this last one had problems on Windows 7) and can go up to 1600x1200.
The credits screen.
The trophy "room". Lots of trophies and medals, as you can see (hey, I just started the game!)
Preparing a hunt. According to the amount of money you have, you can choose the location, the time (dawn, night, day), the animals to hunt, weapons, helping equipment, etc.
As seen in the "Info" tab, the radar helps a lot, but hurts in the final classification (rewards). The same happens for some of the equipment.
Basically, if the wolf "scents" you, he'll charge on. As I'm a little newbie here, I chose the "Brontorety" and went hunting him.
After the game starts, you're dropped on some random location in the map. Hum, there's an animal, but it's not the one I want (Brontorety has horns), so...
I found the Brontorety and he is a little aggressive, if attacked. And he likes to smash the player.
Checking the map, again... There he is, in the forest!
Who's now lying in the ground? When you kill a prey, some information about the event shows up. By using all equipment, I only got 3 from the 10 points for that animal!
Admiring the scenery. In the right-down corner you have the compass, and in the left the direction of the wind.
This is the X-Bow, and it's a little slow to fire. Yeay, I've killed a wolf! Very funny! Luckily, he was on the other side of the river...
Hunting the wild boar with the pistol.
The Ravaren's Bridge has a nice environment. You can go anywhere you want to, even the snowy mountains, if you can reach them :)
What's a little bit impressive is that the player can fall from extreme heights and keep going as a killing machine!
According to the radar, the nearest target is across the lake.
With the help of binoculars... there he is. Come to daddy!
Swimming... watch out for the air supply.
Another one. I'm getting better, with the help of technology :P
When you kill a prey, you're warned (by radio) of a flying ship which comes to collect your hunted animal.
And there it is, taking the prey away. It doesn't seem very well attached, though...
Using the Direct 3D renderer. Better graphics, aren't they? However the renderer has some glitches on the latest OSes...
Sorry but I got tired. Retreating to the main screen.