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Carriers at War II

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 1 4.3
Macintosh Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 1 4.3

The Press Says

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DOSWorld Village (Gamer's Zone)
There are no real drawbacks to this game, in my opinion. It is a dos-based program, and Windows is not required, although I ran it under both Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 with no problems. The sound is limited, but I found what was there was distracting and eventually turned it off altogether. Installation was very straight forward, and no problem. There were no crashes of the program during testing. Altogether a very stable program. If you are interested in war games, I would classify this as a must have. It can be played in an hour or two, and is not very complicated to learn. It would be excellent for someone who is wanting to see if this type of game is for them or not.
CAW II:ssa yhdistyvät hyvä käyttöliittymä, kiinnostava aihe ja ainutlaatuiset skenaariot. Tätä voi suositella.
Simple interface, a wealth of info, and varied scenarios make it a winner. Graphics could be a lot better, and a decent campaign mode would be welcome too. The best carrier wargame around; easy to get into and deep enough to last.
MacintoshPower Unlimited
Carriers at War is een strategisch oorlogsspel met gevarieerde scenarios en realistische tegenstanders. Moeilijk om mee te beginnen en net zo moeilijk om mee op te houden. Wel balen dat het onmogelijk is om op de kaart in te zoomen.
DOSPower Play
Obwohl CAW 2.0 im Prinzip “nur“ eine Szenariodiskette ist, kommen Hardcore-Strategen um dieses gehaltvolle Spiel kaum herum.
Carriers At War 2 has evidently been pitched at die-hard strategy fans. You certainly won't want to touch it if this is a genre you only dabble in. However, experienced players of strategy and war games may find the level of command too broad for their liking. If you have played and enjoyed the first Carriers at War game then this will undoubtedly appeal to you. Otherwise I'd suggest borrowing it first from your local friendly retailer before actually parting with your cash.
DOSHigh Score
Och som redan sagts är det något som fattas. Närmast till hands att jämföra med är World War II - Battles of the Pacific, tidigare testat i High Score, ett spel som har mycket stora likheter med detta, men som ger betydligt större spelglädje.
Still, if you're a hardened strategist then you shouldn't let yourself be put off: there are a lot of worse ways to spend your money. It's just that nowadays there are a lot of better ways too.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Schiffe versenken

Nachdem wir Ihnen in der letzten Ausgabe bereits den zweiten Aufguß von Burning Steel vorstellen konnten, folgt nun der Nachfolger zu Carriers at War.

Als Carriers at War vor über einem Jahr erschien, konnte es trotz seiner hohen Komplexität und peniblen Details nur wenig überzeugen. Die komplizierte Steuerung machte jeden einzelnen Spielzug zu einem zeitraubenden Unterfangen.