Casper Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Main menu
Well, that depends Casper. Can you play the guitar? Do your parents have money?
Wandering the mansion.
Watch out for Casper's demanding uncle. He's hungry.
Really, the lard-ass can't walk into the next room to eat this stuff?
Use objects in the world to investigate them.
Now we're getting somewhere.

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen.
A key.
Found an object.
Map of the area.
Being chased.
On a dinner table.

PlayStation version

The game starts with a gloomy animated sequence showing a car driving through the night. These are the new occupants of Caspar's home
The game's menu. The up/down controls scroll through the options
Three different pre-set controller configurations are available
The game's title screen is not shown until the player actually starts a game
A new game begins. These are the new occupants of Caspar's home
Could Caspar have a potential girlfriend?
The first mission - collect tokens of friendship.
The game has begun. Does broccoli count as a token of friendship? I suppose that depends on whether or not you have to eat it.
Triangle brings up the game's inventory screen. Caspar collects keys and things as he explores the mansion.
Caspar does not say a great deal. All information is displayed like this
In addition to stairs there are secret passages, conveniently labelled like this, to be explored.

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
Game start
Strangers enter the house as Casper watches above
One of the many many times you see the transition Loading screen
Begin in the foyer area
The other ghosts are always trying to prevent you from reaching your goal
Checking upstairs levels
Checking the many rooms of the house
Opening a chest
Sometimes Casper reminds you of the goal
A spell of smoke morph appears
Now the smoke morph is in inventory
Using smoke morph with air vents to travel
Poof! into the vent
Places only vent travel is possible