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Xbox 360UGO (UnderGroundOnline) (Aug 27, 2008)
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Castle Crashers is the best beat-em-up ever. I guess 3 years is just enough time to master an entire genre, ‘cause The Behemoth has done just that.
Xbox 360GameLemon (Nov 13, 2008)
Together Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid have really proved The Behemoth know what they're doing when it comes to making quality old school games. We can only wait, quivering with anticipation, to see what they'll come up with next. Maybe it'll be a light gun game where kitten commandos fight an army of cyborg sasquatches hell-bent on rewriting American zoning code. Fight, tiny kittens, for everlasting sensible zoning!
Xbox 360GameZone (Oct 09, 2008)
When you play this game with a room of other people, and you find yourself laughing at all the gags and references to old games, you’ll be in love with this XBLA treasure.
Xbox 360TalkXbox (Oct 06, 2008)
So then, what of these crashed castles? Are they worth 800 MS funbucks? Yes. I can say it more times if you want me to. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Especially if you have three (or more!) friends. The Behemoth has made one of the best games on Xbox Live Arcade, and it's a 2D beat 'em up that feels fresh from an early '90s arcade. It's beautiful, it sounds great, and though it has occasional stumbles, it is some of the most fun you can have with your Xbox 360.
Xbox 360The Review Busters (2008)
All of the best elements from games from yesteryear are included in Caste Crashers. If you enjoy mindless hours of beat-em-ups then this is the perfect game for you. True Castle Crashers might be more than most Xbox Live games but you get a whole lot more in this game than anything else out there today.
Xbox 360JustPressPlay (Jan 16, 2009)
The game is one of the best on XBL and that's no lie. I thoroughly enjoyed swinging my mallet and or sword around and killing some randoms all while looking for the princesses and kicking major ass. The gameplay is wicked badass and the online play is sick nasty too. The characters are awesome and there a tons and tons of them as well. The game is solid from newgrounds and we can all thank Tom Fulp for another innovative and interesting game that offers great bloodshed as well as strong gameplay. The game is worth the Xbox points and has solid gameplay, sound effects, and replay value. This is a great party game and is great in single player as well as co-op so don't think it isn't worth it if you're a loner. Even if you are there is still online play that is kick ass as hell.
Xbox 360Gaming Age (Sep 09, 2008)
So fans of old school beat 'em ups will definitely appreciate the style of fun Castle Crashers represents, and even the younger generation will be able to get behind the simple but addictive nature of the co-op mode. It truly feels like a throwback to classic arcade brawlers in both play and design, and Castle Crashers is a fantastic inclusion for anyone's XBLA library. Hopefully they get that online mode sorted out soon though, so everyone can get the most out of reliving a homage to a classic genre.
Xbox 360Gaming Target (Sep 24, 2008)
Despite the serious online issues, Castle Crashers is pure light-hearted fun that is accessible to everyone. This is not to say veteran gamers won’t enjoy a challenge – in fact, some stages can be pretty tough – but unlike Alien Hominid you won’t be beaten over the head at every turn. With tons of stuff to do, amusingly cute artwork, catchy music and online multiplayer (when it works), Castle Crashers is a definite must-have addition to your XBLA library.
Xbox 360UOL Jogos (Sep 02, 2008)
A Xbox Live Arcade vive o melhor momento de sua trajetória até então, com uma seqüência incrível de lançamentos. "Castle Crashers" é mais um título que confirma esta ótima fase, revitalizando um gênero fora de moda com uma abordagem divertida e repleta de extras. A pancadaria é extremamente divertida, com vários objetos e personagens para encontrar, além de um multiplayer que evoca a era de ouro dos fliperamas. É um jogo imperdível para fãs da ação pura e simples, principalmente entre os veteranos.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games (Nov 06, 2008)
Video games have come a long way since man first slipped a quarter into an arcade machine. These days, if a game doesn't have a free-roaming environment or bump maps on every surface, it seems to fall to the wayside. Thankfully, we have games like Castle Crashers to remind us how fun simplicity used to be. The beat 'em up gameplay and unique presentation go a long way, and for lack of a better explanation, the game is just damn fun.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD) (Sep 01, 2008)
Castle Crashers ist ein sehr gelungenes und umfangreiches Hack n Slay Spiel mit viel Humor. Trotz des hohen Preises sollte sich jeder das Spiel näher ansehen, schließlich handelt es sich hierbei nicht mehr um ein einfaches Arcadegame sondern vielmehr um einen Vollpreistitel zum Arcadepreis.
Xbox 360XBox Front (Aug 27, 2008)
Castle Crashers ist das Spiel geworden, das wir anhand der Vorberichtserstattung erwartet haben, nicht weniger, aber auch nicht wirklich mehr. Die Optik und der Sound können überzeugen, das Gameplay ist recht einfach, bietet dennoch genug Tiefgang, um durch das Spiel hindurch für Spielspaß zu sorgen. Die Möglichkeit, verschiedene Charaktere hochzuleveln und der vierspieler Co-op Modus sowie die beiden Minispiele „Wettessen“ und „Arena“ sorgen für Mehrspaß. Ob der Wiederspielwert, zumindest alleine so groß ist, wird sich noch herausstellen, dennoch reiht sich Castle Crashers recht nahtlos in die Riege der hochwertigen Arcadespiele ein, die in letzter Zeit erschienen sind. Wir hätten einen Preis von 800 Punkten als angemessen empfunden, aber 1200 gehen dennoch gerade so in Ordnung.
Xbox 360GameDaily (Aug 28, 2008)
There simply isn't a game like Castle Crashers, and that's what makes it so spectacular. The astounding visuals, classic gameplay, obscure humor and hours of beat-em-up action make this worth every one of your 1200 points. Let's just hope we don't have to wait long for a sequel.
Xbox 360IGN (Aug 27, 2008)
Castle Crashers takes the best elements of traditional side-scrolling beat-em-ups and adds lots of flair. There's some great humor here and some nice surprises that will please most. Of course, the most important thing is that it's a whole lot of fun -- especially when you play with friends. While there are some cheap moments with enemies firing at your backside, the bulk of Castle Crashers is an enjoyable ride and one every 360 owner should experience.
Xbox 360Planet Xbox 360 (Sep 08, 2008)
Castle Crashers is a fantastic addition to XBLA, and a must-have for your collection. There are few games on the service that can match the depth here, and those that come close do not offer Live co-op.
PlayStation 3IGN (Sep 02, 2010)
The Behemoth’s incredibly fun cooperative beat–em-up would’ve been pure brawler perfection if the multiplayer had launched in better form. It’s incredibly frustrating that it’s easier to play Castle Crashers with strangers than with your friends, but it’s still a great brawler that will soak up your time. Between unlocking new characters so you can level them up to finding all of the hidden weapons and animal orbs, there’s a lot to do in the campaign mode. If you never experienced the Xbox 360 version, or you happen to have more friends on your PSN list, Castle Crashers is a great game though you might want to wait for a multiplayer patch before investing.
Xbox 360Official XBox Magazine (Aug 27, 2008)
But if the thought of grinding through endless waves of goons induces a yawn, even the vital social dynamics of four-player co-op and arena contests might prove insufficient. On the other hand, if you find yourself occasionally lamenting the bygone heyday of those arcade knuckle-dusters you played to death, you’ll love every crazed minute of Castle Crashers.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Aug 27, 2008)
Even at a price of 1,200 Microsoft points, Castle Crashers provides great value. The main storyline offers hours of bad-guy beating and princess-rescuing fun that it is sure to please. The ability to play with friends should make the experience richer, even if it is limited to a more local experience. As a testament to its entertainment, feature losses and some disappointing online play hardly slow this juggernaut of amusement down. This is an absurdly hilarious romp you won't soon forget.
Xbox 3601UP (Sep 02, 2008)
As expected, Castle Crashers is at its best when you've got a handful of buddies playing in the same room (four total, in this case). Taking on the campaign without companions is still sharply amusing (and completely recommended if you don't anticipate playing with friends), but the shared joy of taking in the hilarious set pieces and eliminating giant swimming felines dulls the repetition that comes naturally with beat-em-ups. Sadly, those seeking co-op partners online may struggle to do so thanks to widely reported connection issues. Between dozens of "Game is not available" messages and multiple console freezes, my experience with the online menus was overwhelmingly frustrating. Even without functional online play for all users, Castle Crashers is zany, accessible, and memorable, and it deserves to stand among XBLA's best entries -- but until a suitable fix is released (developer The Behemoth says it is on the way), my recommendation remains tempered...if only slightly so.
Xbox 360Game Revolution (Oct 27, 2008)
Castle Crashers really is the great co-op experience that you were hoping it would be, but because it's just so consistently fun to play and look at, it holds up as a single-player experience as well. It's exciting, twistedly epic, funny, and great to play with friends. It may be a small step below Braid and Geometry Wars 2, but it's one of the best XBLA releases so far, and one of the better 360 releases, Live Arcade or not.
Xbox 3603D Juegos (Aug 29, 2008)
Recogiendo un género tan tradicional como el Hack and Slash, Castle Crashers consigue convertirlo en una deliciosa experiencia gracias a su sentido del humor y a su simpático tratamiento. Lo mejor de su campaña es su ritmo, y si a esto sumamos la posibilidad de disfrutarla en cooperativo el resultado es fenomenal.
PlayStation 3GameSpot (Sep 09, 2010)
The PlayStation 3 version of Castle Crashers replaces the button-mashing minigame All You Can Quaff with a volleyball mode that supports up to eight players. Unfortunately, this mode is a disaster. The concept of whacking the ball back and forth with swords and casting spells on it to hinder the other team sounds promising, but the physics of how the ball responds when hit aren't satisfying at all and don't make for exciting rallies. But this doesn't diminish the strength of the main game in any way. Castle Crashers is certainly a delightful homage to the fantasy-themed multiplayer beat-'em-ups of days gone by. But more than that, it's a great game in its own right, with gameplay, humor, and a terrific visual style that combine to make this particular brand of old-fashioned fun really fun again.
Xbox 360PlayDevil (Nov 06, 2008)
Looking at the whole package it must be said that "Castle Crashers" is an essential download and must be considered as one of the current top three games available on the Xbox live arcade service. Add to this other recent very impressive releases on the service and the future of Xbox live arcade is looking very bright.
Castle Crashers is a smorgasbord of excellent 2D animation, dramatic and powerful music, and hours of online fun. Forgiving the difficulties online is too much to ask, but with a patch to fix them coming soon, there is no reason anyone with at least one friend on Xbox Live can’t enjoy Castle Crashers.
Xbox (Sep 08, 2008)
Castle Crashers is een prachtig vormgegeven, humoristische beat ‘em up, die zeker met vier personen voor veel plezier kan zorgen. The Behemoth weet met zijn Flash-achtige grafische stijl Castle Crashers prima te presenteren. Helaas voelt Castle Crashers, ondanks enkele leuke toevoegingen, nooit als een game die je tot in de puntjes kunt beheersen. De game vraagt slechts van je willekeurige knoppen in een rap tempo in te drukken. Maar met drie vrienden mag dat de pret niet drukken.
Xbox (UK) (Aug 28, 2008)
Despite the occasional design niggles, and the clunky matchmaking system, there's still more than enough fun in Castle Crashers to justify its 1200-Point price-tag. It's a big, bright and bold dollop of irreverent fun, and it could have been truly phenomenal with a little more attention to the finer details. As it is, it's brushing against greatness but falls frustratingly short of its true potential.
Xbox 360GameTrailers (Aug, 2008)
Whether crashing castles or the dusty corners of your nostalgia, these little guys score big. The gameplay is addictive and the self-referential material is charming. It also manages to hit the sweet spot between accessibility and depth that we expect from top shelf downloadable games. It isn’t too often that you see a good retro-themed game hit the market, and Castle Crashers is just that.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Sep 28, 2012)
Wenn Kollegen beim Test anfragen, ob noch ein Gamepad zum Mitspielen da ist, weiß man, dass ein Koop-Spiel etwas richtig gemacht hat. Gute Stimmung ist bei einer Runde Castle Crashers garantiert, das war schon auf der Konsole so und ist auf dem PC nicht anders. Und auch alleine gibt’s beste Unterhaltung, wenn man mit dem schrägen Humor etwas anfangen kann. Die Portierung hingegen ist ein schlechter Witz. Klar, gewisse Spiele sind nun mal eher auf das Gamepad ausgelegt. Aber wenn eine PC-Umsetzung Jahre nach der Konsolenfassung erscheint und dann immer noch überall Xbox-Knöpfe einblendet, dann waren die Entwickler einfach faul. Dabei hat sich schon lange gezeigt, dass kurzweilige Downloadtitel auf Steam große Erfolge feiern können – dazu hätte Castle Crashers mit etwas mehr Mühe auf jeden Fall das Zeug gehabt.
Xbox 360The A.V. Club (Sep 08, 2008)
Final judgment: It's a fine line between "retro" and "rehash," and while Castle Crashers coughs up a few neat ideas, its freshest element is its art.
Xbox (Oct 03, 2008)
Encore une fois, le Xbox Live Arcade nous offre une petite bouffée d'air frais avec Castle Crashers. Beau, fun et drôle, le titre de The Behemoth se donne des airs de défouloir de luxe, à savourer avec des potes en multijoueur. A essayer et à adopter.
Xbox 360Game Positive (Sep 03, 2008)
The truth is, the current state of Castle Crashers is a disappointment. The game's structure, RPG elements, presentational style, and lasting value are all top notch - and this is without question one of the most entertaining brawlers you'll ever play. If it weren't for the broken online component, persistent data loss, and an all-around lack of polish, Castle Crashers could have been one of the best titles on Xbox Live Arcade. If you have the capacity to overlook its technical issues and have a group of friends who like the genre, this could be worth a download. However, until a patch arrives, the game cannot be wholeheartedly recommended.
Xbox 360Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 02, 2008)
Buggarna och det allmänt obalanserade spelsystemet gör Castle Crashers till en frustrerande upplevelse, även om det i grunden är ett riktigt trevligt spel. Precis som Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords tar det en gammal förlegad arkadgenre (pussel respektive beat'em up) och skapar en beroendeframkallande helhet genom att lägga in rollspelsinslag, och med tanke på hur omfattande spelet är känns inte det högre priset särskilt omotiverat. Det har också skön grafik, utmärkt design (även om det är lite väl mycket bajshumor på en av banorna) och strålande musik. Men som sagt... fråga dig först hur många extra 360-kontroller du kan offra och hur hållbar din TV är...
Xbox 360Good Game (Sep 08, 2008)
It holds up ok as a beat-em-up, and they try to give you something new with each level. In fact it reminded me a lot of Battletoads, with the chases and stuff. It's the humour that makes it enjoyable though, enemies doing funny things and outrageous bosses. It’s highly replayable, with lots of unlocks and multiplayer options. I quite like the style as well, 7/10.
Xbox 360Totally Gaming Network (Aug 31, 2008)
Overall, it’s a good quality title that does indeed deserve at least a look at the demo. If you instantly fall in love with the scratchy graphics and the simple but engaging gameplay then you might not baulk at the price. If you didn’t get on with Alien Hominid’s toughness or its look and feel, and you think that games like Golden Axe have had their day and aren’t innovative enough any more, you might just pass this one by.
Xbox 360Good Game (Sep 08, 2008)
A lot of people are unable to connect to online games at the moment, and there’s an issue where the game doesn’t save properly. This is unfortunate for a game so focused on co-op, the save issue can sometimes be solved by logging out and then in when you start the game, and the developers have said they’ll bring out a patch for online ASAP. But even in single player it's good for a laugh. 6.5/10
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Aug 27, 2008)
Castle Crashers is an entertaining brawler, but the replay value is chopped into little frustrating bits by a horrifically painful online experience. I’m left wondering why I spent $15 (1200 MS points) on a five-hour single player game. Multiple playthoughs will unlock new characters, but the repetitive nature is a bit tiresome. Avoid purchasing Castle Crashers until the developer sorts the major online problems out. Skip it (for now)