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Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Game mode select.
"All You Can Quaff" minigame. Hit buttons rapidly to beat your challengers.
Arena mode. Fight increasing waves of enemies.
The giant cat swats you back into the arena zone.
Locking swords. Tap fast to win.
Start of the campaign. The kingdom's heroes rock out.
An evil mage steals the king's crystal. Time to get it back.
Block with the left trigger.
Dive in and throw combos around.
Shopping for new weapons.
If you're asking why your collected weapons are stored inside a giant frog, you're missing the point.
Fight! Kill!
Leveling up grants new combos.
Leveling up also grants XP to spend.
An epic battle rumbles in the background.
Fighting a mini-boss.
Fighting a real boss.
Success means fountains of treasure.
And some action from the rescued princess.
Select your next stage from the map.