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Commodore 64Zzap! (May, 1990)
Different' scene-setting verses by Mel Croucher, music/FX, save/load options, disappointing title page. Surprisingly quick considering their complexity with lots of detail and atmosphere; the latter is even better than the Amiga. Quite good tune, if repetitive, and some good spot FX. Not quite as easy to get into as the Amiga game, although the more convincing atmosphere (all muted colours) is entrancing. A sizeable Amiga game has been shrunk down to the C64, losing very little. The utterly unique 8-bit Freescape system provides a wonderful spooky world for you to explore.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (May, 1990)
Aaargh! I've just been dropped in the catacombs again (a vast underground warren with oodles of ways in and, as far as I can tell, hardly any ways out)! I seem to be ending up down here with monotonous regularity. Fall down the well and you end up in the catacombs. Nose around the dark space at the back of the pulpit - straight to the catacombs! Drain the water at the bottom of the pool, investigate the entrance there and would you know it - cata-bloody-combs, here I come! Aaargh! (Do you get the feeling I'm getting a little frustrated here, readers?)
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1990)
Castle Master is as good-looking and fast as its 16-bit cousin. The puzzles are tough, and even fans will be stumped for a while. But with a bit of patience you will be able to move deeper into the maze of rooms.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1990)
They've one it again, Incentive claim that Castle Master has been over a year in development, and it shows. Some of the earlier Incentive offerings were sluggish in movement, Castle Master on the other hand fair whizzes around. The graphical detail is, as always, faultless. The title tune is a hauntingly atmospheric piece that sets the scene perfectly. Although, you do have the choice to swap the in-game tune with the sound effects that are just as good. In short, fans of Driller, Dark Side and Total Eclipse will love this.
Atari STST Format (May, 1990)
Though Castle Master lacks the heart pounding excitement of a first class shoot-'em-up, it has the depth and quality to keep you engrossed. Pound for pound, no game this year will give you more gameplay. Enjoy! [Page 51f]
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1990)
Monochrome graphics which don't detract from the fact that the game is particularly baffling. As with the 64 version, the keyboard layout is at first a bit confusing, but once mastered, movement is easy (there is a joystick option). Sound's pretty good too. What is there to say: buy it!
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK) (May, 1990)
The 64 version is just as atmospheric as the 16-bit games, perhaps more so because shading has been put to good use (making the 'solid' objects look even more so). The layout on the 8-bit games is slightly different to the Amiga and ST, because they were written by different people. My only slight moan is the sluggish 64 speed. Ho hum.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (May, 1990)
There's so much to do it will take ages to finish even with minimum points. And if your bent is for playing princesses rather than knights, Incentive have included an option for that, too - playing a woman is a different proposition. Take a look at Castle Master - it's the best Freescape game yet.
Atari STThe One (Apr, 1990)
The best aspect though, is the total freedom of movement and action within the game environment, and the fact that actions have consequences - try stepping on a piece of cheese and then eating it, or sticking your hand down a plug hole! Even if you weren't too keen on previous Freescape (TM) games, you should take a look at this one - it's easily the best yet.
AmigaZzap! (May, 1990)
Good title page, but comical sex selection sequence (prince or princess taken off by massive claws), save/load option, music/FX, Mel Croucher scenario. Initially unimpressive, but attention to detail with plenty of nice touches soon grows on you. Spooky tune or atmospheric spot FX. Surprisingly addictive, as soon as you walk through the drawbridge you start stumbling over little puzzles which get you into it. Lots of puzzles, two slightly different of completing it depending on sex.
AmigaAmiga Format (Jun, 1990)
Castle Master deftly overcomes two major stumbling blocks. Firstly Incentive have managed to produce a new game and not settled for Total Eclipse in grey. Secondly, they have survived the transition to the rather run-of-the-mill realm of dragons and dungeons by adding humour, riddles intricate conundrums. A huge, interlinked puzzle, Castle Master demands mental dexterity, lateral thinking, mapping abilities and fast reactions to survive. The game does not exactly sprint along, but so what? The slower pace offsets the lack of instant amazement with a lasting intrigue and a real hook.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jul, 1990)
Trotz intensiver Suche konnte ich weit und breit keine gravierenden Minuspunkte finden, nur die Übersetzung der Bildschirmtexte hätte etwas "richtiger" sein können. Gleiches gilt für die deutsche Anleitung, mit der Sprachprofessoren sicher nicht so ganz einverstanden sein dürften. Ansonsten haben sich die Jungs bei Incentive große Mühe gegeben - man fragt sich, was uns wohl als nächstes erwartet, vielleicht ein 3D-Vektorgrafik-Rollenspiel? Ich und der Rest der Redaktion können Castle Master jedenfalls nur wärmstens empfehlen!
DOSThe Games Machine (UK) (Jun, 1990)
The walls and objects are formed from quite jagged lines given the PC's resolution, but choice of colours is okay, and speed and smoothness of movement are good. Sound is yer average PC blips.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Jul, 1992)
Not really a blasting game, Castle Master is a spookily atmospheric little thing. It's about a million times cheaper than buying a real castle, and you're guaranteed of seeing some ghosts as well. Fabbo.
Amstrad CPCThe Games Machine (UK) (Jun, 1990)
The castle, its chambers and objects are represented with unattractive colouring - green, greys and checked shading. Movement is jerky and quite slow (but this doesn't spoil gameplay) and sound effects are functional.
Freescape, for all the merits of the idea, still has a long way to go before it is capable of creating a fully realistic and atmospheric game environment. Castle Master contains considerably more features than the previous games to use the Freescape system (which might explain the relatively sluggish screen update). Your task is to rescue your soulmate from the clutches of the evil Magister. Looks much like the ST version, but sounds really great. It's good fun, as all the others in the series have been. If you liked them, then you'll like this.
AmigaCU Amiga (May, 1990)
Castle Master is just too short on either combat or strategy to appeal to either the regular adventurer or arcadester. On the other hand, if your taste is for a hybrid with a soundtrack so bolshy it can raise demons, then it is well worth a try. A success.
Like all the other Freescape games Castle Master does have something of a dead feel about it. The rooms and objects generated by the system look a little too much like computer creations - it is the lack of curves that do it. Despite this, Castle Master is a very enjoyable game which will appeal to all those who enjoy the satisfaction of suddenly realising the solution to a puzzle that has been pondered over for days. All in all this is a very nice addition to the Freescape range of games.
DOSPower Play (Jun, 1990)
Der Adrenalinspiegel steigt, der Kaffeekonsum auch und die Nächte werden wieder kürzer. Mit "Castle Master" ist den Programmierern des Klassikers "Driller" ein weiterer Geniestreich gelungen.
Atari STPower Play (Jun, 1990)
Der Adrenalinspiegel steigt, der Kaffeekonsum auch und die Nächte werden wieder kürzer. Mit "Castle Master" ist den Programmierern des Klassikers "Driller" ein weiterer Geniestreich gelungen.
AmigaPower Play (Jun, 1990)
Der Adrenalinspiegel steigt, der Kaffeekonsum auch und die Nächte werden wieder kürzer. Mit "Castle Master" ist den Programmierern des Klassikers "Driller" ein weiterer Geniestreich gelungen.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (May, 1990)
Man kann es drehen, wie man will; man kann das Ding reinhauen, wohin man will - immer kommt eines dabei heraus: ein atmosphärisch dichtes Adventure im gewohnten FREESCAPE-Stil.
Wie schon gesagt, gehen die Meinungen zu dieser 3D-Technik auseinander. Die Art des Adventurens (leider keine von M,K. geliebte Texteingabe möglich!) ist dennoch unterhaltsam, weil eigentlich ziemlich einfach. Etwas lästig hierbei: Die tiefen Stürze und die Ballerei auf die Geister. So was kostet nur computerbedingte Energie - und menschliche Nerven. Schön dagegen, daß man die Spielstände absaven kann, die SFX recht ordentlich sind und daß recht viel Spielfreude aufkommt, da man nicht stundenlang rumlaufen muß, um was zu finden. CASTLE MASTER ist ein atmosphärisch dichtes Abenteuer das getrost als Nachfolger den legendären Driller, Dark Side und Total Eclipse gefeiert werden kann. Echt gut, dies Teil!
AmigaAmiga Action (Jul, 1990)
Incentive are quite well known for their Freescape system of 3-D graphics and no-one has managed to come up with an alternative that can actually beat them.
Man kann es drehen, wie man will; man kann das Ding reinhauen, wohin man will - immer kommt eines dabei heraus: ein atmosphärisch dichtes Adventure im gewohnten FREESCAPE-Stil.
Zwar ist die 3-D-Grafik nicht besonders schnell, aber die dichte Atmosphäre ist einmalig. Hier spürt man richtig das beklemmende Gefühl, hinter uralten Burgmauern zu wandeln, und schaut sich nach einigen Spielstunden schon mal im eigenen Wohnzimmer nach einem Geist um. Bei »Castle Master« gibt es vor allem mehr grafische Details zu sehen als bei den Vorläuferprogrammen. Man findet Kochtöpfe in der Küche, Werkzeuge in der Schmiede und Toilettenpapier auf dem WC. Die Benutzerführung ist gelungen, und die vertrackten Puzzles steilen auch ausgefuchste Gehirn-Akrobaten auf eine harte Probe. Besonders einsteigerfreundlich wird »Castle Master« durch die kleinen Hinweistafeln, die man im Spiel finden kann. Auf denen steht in Versform meistens ein brauchbarer Tip zur Lösung eines bestimmten Puzzles. Ich kann »Castle Master» allen ans Herz legen, die gerne handfeste Action mit purer Knobelei verbinden möchten. Da das Programm komplett in Deutsch angeboten wird, gibt es auch keine Sprachprobleme.
Commodore 6464'er (1991)
Das Abenteuerspiel benutzt eine solide und detailreiche 3-D-Grafik. Ihr steuert die Spielfigur mit dem Joystick durch Korridore und Kellergewölbe, hantiert mit den unterschiedlichsten Gegenständen und müßt knifflige Rätsel lösen. Die Aufgaben steigern sich langsam im Schwierigkeitsgrad, ersparen aber unerfahrenen Adventure-Helden frustreiche Knobel-Sackgassen. Im Vergleich zu den Vorgängerspielen hat der Detailreichtum noch zugenommen. Unterwegs stoßt Ihr auf Hinweisschilder an den Wänden, die Euch so manchen nützlichen Tip geben, um im Spiel weiterzukommen. Überall gibt‘s etwas zu entdecken, und hinter mancher Ecke lauert ein herzhafter Lacher.
The controls are incredibly sluggish and the frame rate matches. This is definitely a product for either masochists or someone of great patience.
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1991)
Great if you're a fan, others will wonder what all the fuss is about.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (May, 1990)
Die C-64-Version allerdings weicht etwas vom „Rest“ ab. Dies betrifft nicht nur die grafische Darstellung, das Ruckeln oder die Geschwindigkeit. Vor allem in puncto Steuerung (Stick kann man kaum ordentlich einsetzen) ist unser Adventure ein bisserl zu schwach geraten.