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NES 7 2.4
Combined User Score 7 2.4

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Controls are a mixed bag, with the jumping and platforming segments being quite frustrating at times. The game does have a great sense of style to it, however, with the the sprites of crumbling ruins and castle halls all creating a compelling world. It’s too bad, as this title certainly could have been something better with very simple changes.
0 (Jun, 2011)
In Japan, this game is called Dragon Unit. While it’s still a stupid name, why would Seta re-title it Castle of Dragon for the United States? For once, Japan was able to put two English words together better than native English speakers. At this point, I’m just complaining to complain, but there really is no reason this game couldn’t have been titled Dragon Castle. The title would have looked nicer, probably resulting in more sales and I wouldn’t have had to play it until I got to the “D”s. Everybody wins!