Castle of Dragon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Castle of Dragon title screen
Dragon Unit title screen
Brief intro
Items description
The princess is kidnapped
The map
In 2-player mode the players have to fight each other for the starting bonus
Several stages are played on two planes - in the front and in the back
Some enemies explode
Two wizards at the end of stage 1
Stage clear
Second stage is all about avoiding the traps
This stage is a vertical descent. Also note the first player's fire wave weapon upgrade
The cemetery
Graves and skeletons
Tough twin bosses
Going up
In the castle
Twin dragons and a fairy (gives a weapon upgrade)
A cutscene
Showdown with the dragon

NES version

Title screen (US)
Title screen (Japan)
The princess is abducted in the dark of night.
The main map
Starting out in the Menlary castle.
First level boss
A wraith in the forest
Chess knights in the castle
Fighting a serpent boss in the Menlary Castle (which explains the princess' portrait).
Blue dragon boss
Fighting through the dank underworld.
Fighting up through Darklarza's castle.
Rooster dragon boss
More of Darklarza's fortress
House of mirrors
Your reflection breaks loose and you have to fight him.
Darklarza himself