Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Game title
Main menu
Inside the castle
The first level

Windows version

Enchanted Forest
The good old Disney spiders
Ghostly platforms
Cloudy, with a chance of mouses
The toy level
Some levels are really pretty
The game begins with Disney characters watching company logos in the movie theater
Title screen
Main menu
Intro: Mickey and Minnie are having a good time
Intro: but the evil witch spoils the party
Mickey can wander around the castle of illusion in full 3D
Running away from a huge apple
It's nice to see the platforms (ghosts) and crystals in the background, Mickey will get there later
The boss of the forest
A piece of unlockable art
Jumping on pesky Jacks-in-the-box
Going after a bonus item (a playing card or a red pepper) in the Toy Land
2.5D action
Presents can be opened with projectiles
The mirror is your friend in this scene
Toy Land boss
Donald's statue in the background
Water rises and falls in this scene, tread lightly
Got one of the rainbow gems
In the library. Note the cute bookworm
In the candy land
Jumping on (and inside) the jellies in candy land
Mickey's mischievious shadow
Nice visual effect
Swimming in a cup of tea
This boss fight is quite different from the original game
Many statues are unlocked in the castle as you collect items
Entering the castle
Found one of Donald's red peppers
Castle's dungeon
The clock tower
Each boss has some new tactics
The rainbow path
A (long) fight with Mizrabel
Changing Mickey's outfit