Castles II: Siege & Conquest Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Intro: Village.
Intro: The King's Castle.
Intro: "I have grave news..."
Intro: "The King is dead!"
News spreads about the king's death.
The king is dead - and has left no heir!
Battles begin for the throne!
Civil war rages!
To become king you must conquer...
Castles II Siege and Conquest
Main menu.
Map of the land.
Going off to war as shown in the video clip.
Designing a castle.

DOS version

Main Title
Title screen (CD-ROM version)
Game Options
Political Map
CD Intro
CD Intro - Wizard
CD Intro - Conspirators
The CD version comes with several short documentaries.
CD documentary: Mound
CD documentary: Mound on modern times
CD documentary: Castle origins
CD documentary: Basic castle model
CD documentary: Moat
CD documentary: Number of castles in west britain
CD documentary: Wood structure built on the walls.
CD documentary: Keep
CD documentary: Shooting arrows through a murder hole.
CD documentary: Complex castle with surrounding moat
Glossary (CD version)
CD Tutorial
CD Tutorial: The Pope emissary
CD Tutorial: Negotiation failed.
CD Tutorial: Battle interface
CD Tutorial: Castle building interface
CD Tutorial: Valois attacking
CD Tutorial: Choosing a castle design.
Castle designs (CD version)
Beaumaris introduction (CD version)
Beaumaris characteristics (CD version)
Beaumaris documentary (CD version)
Beaumaris documentary - inside the castle (CD version)
CD Rom Version: FMV cutscene of your throne room.
CD Rom Version: You receive a messenger...
CD Rom Version: As the game goes on, various people will come to see you.
CD Rom Version: A castle is completed.
CD Rom Version: A spy reports back.
CD Rom Version: Attacking an enemy castle.
CD Rom Version: A knight.
CD Rom Version: An adviser.
CD Rom Version: The royal physician.

Macintosh version

Intro cutscene
Game setup / player name
DRM manual check
Game start
Castle building design
Relations status
Castle building 56%
Our castle is complete
Completed castle at Toulouse
Game save

PC-98 version

Title screen
Oh, sorry, I feel sick... too many hentai PC-98 games...
Freedom, FREEDOM!..
Nice coat of arms!
Main map: beginning
Starting construction...
Main map: in the midst of war...
Spies are back...
Nice little castle, eh? Moat and all...