Castles of Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Splash screen
Opening screen
Intro to one of the scenarios, "Calapan Islands".
Exploring the twisty passages of an old castle.
One of the two helpful items you can find.
Found some gold in this building.
Signposts like these add some flavor to the maps.
Ransacking a small town.
The overhead map.
That's a lot of keys!
Level finished.
The beginning of the second level places us in a small forest.
"Forgotten Lands": Found a secret passage in a lighthouse.
Careless pushing of statues may get you stuck.
Beginning the first level of "Dungeon of Smaug".
Which teleporter should we choose?
Navigating the confusing depths of this dungeon.
The map does help to find your way around, but it won't help you in choosing the right teleporters.
The "level information" window which can be brought up at any time.
Making something in the level editor.
Creating a new mapset.
Version 1.0.10 of the game has a redesigned appearance.
"Dungeons of Smaug" played in v1.0.10
v1.0.10: Signposts look somewhat differently