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Great Game. DOS Wolfang (135)
Classic strategy in a league of its own. DOS Plix (207)

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Amiga 5 3.6
Atari ST 4 3.8
DOS 24 3.5
FM Towns 2 4.5
PC-98 2 4.5
Sharp X68000 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 38 3.7

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Castles är ett fascinerande spel. Man gapar. Man blir överraskad. Man kan inte få nog! Grafiken är fantastisk och spelet kontrolleras helt med mus (tack för det). Konstruktiv underhållning på högsta nivå. Skaffa det.
AmigaAmiga Mania
Truly, the more Castles is played, the greater its subtlety and quality will emerge.
AmigaCU Amiga
Despite being slow in places, Castles has a lot of depth and a great many features. If you're bored with the real world, you can switch it to fantasy mode, and have ogres, elves and dragons added to your already substantial tribulations. If you enjoy games such as Populous and Sim City, you'll enjoy this. I certainly did.
Grafiken är mycket mindre på Amiga än på PC. Bökigt användargränssnitt som tar tid att komma underfund med. Men i övrigt är Castles inte alls dumt. Det perfekta liret för varje sann soffdespot.
Overall, Castles is a good game. We were not as addicted to it as we were to SimCity. The graphics are excellent, though combat is not detailed enough. The feel of actually building castles and ruling a kingdom are present and very enjoyable. If you enjoyed SimCity and are looking for something to satiate your building urge, or if you enjoy medieval history, this game is for you. Interplay has done a fine job of creating an original and fun game out of the what might normally be considered a rather boring occupation: building castles.
The blurb on the front of the box misquotes this very magazine, saying: "Castles combines the best of Populous, Sim City and Railroad Tycoon". They should've added: "But it's not as good as any of them".
AmigaAmiga Format
On the whole Castles is innovative, well-designed, fun and built to last, in that order. Unlike en suite privies.
AmigaAmiga Action
Maybe the builders and brickies among you will enjoy Castles but the rest of us will find the construction business very, to put it bluntly, boring. To create a castle takes far too long, especially when some aggravated foreign King decides to come along with a massive army and ruin your hard work. In one game where it took me two hours to build a castle, only for it to be demolished minutes later. The whole exercise seems pointless. You build, defend, build, defend... why? There should be a clearly defined overall objective. Castles will kill a few hours should you have nothing else to do.
Atari STST Format
Once you've sussed out the tricky control system and mastered the perils of castle-building and design, you're likely get rather bored - there's a lot of disk-accessing and, especially during the final stages of building, you can just find yourself staring blankly into space while your ST does its own thing. The battle scenes are too piddly for you to get to grips with and you can even defeat the enemy without doing a thing. It's a shame you don't get the opportunity to besiege other castles either - you are always the victim, never the aggressor. Castles promised much, but in the end delivered little.
AmigaAmiga Computing
I quite enjoyed playing Castles. But it took a while. let's just say that if you're looking for an instantly appealing game then you should run away from this screaming. But if you like a bit of strategy with some building site-type bits bolted on, and you can ignore the sloth-like pace of it all, then this may suit you. All in all, a nice idea that just doesn't work in the long run.
AmigaAmiga Power
Castles sounds fun but falls somewhat between two stools. The lack of realism makes it not a very stimulating simulation, and there's not enough going on in the gameplay department. Disappointing, but it's bound to find a few dedicated fans.
DOSPower Play
Die Idee, die hinter "Castles" steckt, ist eigentlich reizvoll. Schade nur, daß vom löblichen Ansatz langfristig nicht ganz so viel übrigbleibt. Freudig pfriemelt man sich zu Beginn des Spiels seine Traumburg im Grundrißmodus zusammen, verteilt Arbeiter, läßt Soldaten einen Wassergraben buddeln und murkst vorwitzige Keltenkrieger ab. Diese reißen nebenbei ein paar Mauern ein, die die Arbeiter mühsam wieder aufrichten - bis zur nächsten Attacke. Auf Dauer ist das etwas langweilig - da helfen selbst der Eroberungsmodus und zwei alternative Szenarios (Real-Mittelalter & Fantasy-Welt) nicht viel. Besonders wurmt mich, daß man beim Eigenbau nur auf Mauern und Türme beschränkt ist - Kleinigkeiten wie z.B. Gebäude, die in der Burg Platz finden könnten, fehlen leider.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Etwas mittelälterlich sind hier aber nicht nur Szenario und Gameplay, auch die Präsentation passt sich an. OK, bei der Begleitmusik muss dass wohl so sein, aber bei der Grafik?! Die Baustelle sieht weder in der 3D- noch in der 2D- Ansicht nach irgendwas aus, zudem ruckelt das Scrolling im Schleckentempo dahin. Sonderlich flott ist auch die Maus/Menu-Steuerung nicht, klappt aber ansonsten relativ reibungslos. Castles ist somit kein echter Flop, aber auch bestimmt kein Grund, den Bausparvertrag zu kündigen!
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Construction and defense of Middle Ages upscale residential housing; graphically well-done and initially fascinating to watch. Castles can quickly become somewhat tedious. Is there a game in here, or is it a software toy?
AmigaComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Construction and defense of Middle Ages upscale residential housing; graphically well-done and initially fascinating to watch. Castles can quickly become somewhat tedious. Is there a game in here, or is it a software toy?