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Amiga version

Menu screen
Bad News
Start of game - empty map.
Military menu - Hire or fire troops, train troops or dig a moat.
Getting counsel from Sir Richard.
An annoying messenger from a tribe.
Designing a castle.
Builders are working on the castle.
Workers digging a moat.
An enemy siege weapon comes at the castle through the woods.

Atari ST version

Title screen
This looks like a great place for a castle
Designing my castle
Hiring workers
A visit by the local abbess
Digging a mote
Those crazy Celts...
Fighting off an attack
That didn't go so well...
Game over
Maintaining army equipment is important
This time I survived the attack
It's growing!
As a king you have to make difficult decisions
Winter means party!

DOS version

Title screen
Building ends for the Winter
First battle
Winter is coming....
Enemy troops vs archers
Random question
Works is slowly....
Building walls and tower....

O, I see animals!
Ok... and what?
Winter paralyzed castle
Title screen (EGA)
Credit (EGA)
Intro (EGA)
The map (EGA)
Begin game (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Credit (CGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen. Note the language choice
Cool map with a dragon
English title screen
You start with nothing
Awww... I wanted a moat
A messenger comes
Your counsellor
Wow, look at this!..
Zooming out
Japanese version has different menu layout

PC-98 version

Title screen
This guy looks like he failed the audition for the role of Mike the Meathead from "All in the Family" show
Enjoying the view?
Time to conquer...
Working on the castle
Zooming out. Building options
This is just wilderness
Decisions, decisions...
Enemies have breached the walls!!..
This time, I'll be ready...
Battle is won, peaceful times, horses and all :)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
Start of the game
Building a castle
Pope schmope... can't you see I'm busy building a castle?
Options menu
Help me, Jebus! Some ruffians are destroying my castle

Official Screenshots

  • Castles Screenshot
    DownloadStore, 1998
  • Castles Screenshot
    DownloadStore, 1998
  • Castles Screenshot
    DownloadStore, 1998
  • Castles Screenshot
    DownloadStore, 1998