Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Screenshots

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Windows version

The game's prologue shows Dracula at the peak of his power.
Dracula's throne room.
The castle under siege.
The game contains a few winks and nods to past games of the series, such as this classic line from Symphony of the Night.
One thousand years later... Vampires don't age that well.
Zobek is back.
Wygol City, a gothic metropolis built over the ruins of Dracula's castle.
Finding some nicely illustrated pieces of lore.
Turning into a plague of rats to avoid detection.
Fighting a classic Castlevania boss, the Stone Golem.
The new skill tree.
Satan's acolytes are cooking up some nasty stuff...
This evil-looking book serves as the game's main menu.
Some areas of Dracula's castle are quite hostile.
There is a huge gallery of artworks to unlock in the game.
These "Pain Boxes" contain Health, Void and Chaos upgrades.
As in the previous Lords of Shadow games, you will find dead knights of the Brotherhood and loot their corpses to find scrolls of lore.
Lords of Shadow is a little bit violent...
Quick Time Event.
The White Wolf allows you to travel between the real world and Dracula's castle.
In the depths of Castlevania...
Nice gothic scenery.
The impressive 3D map of the castle.
Dracula in modern-day Wygol City.
Parts of Dracula's castle are used as the city's foundations.
Using the Void Sword in battle.