The game generated some controversy, because the die-hard "metroidvania" fans were expecting another IGA-esque release, but that wasn't the case because Mercury Steam wanted to port the Lords of Shadow gaming experience to the Nintendo 3DS. This anger was reflected in some of the magazine reviews: it's one of the few games who has ratings from 25 (Games Beat) to 100 (GAMING truth). However, the general critical reception was positive overall.


E3 2012: The game was nominated to 14 media awards, winning 9 of them: Game Informer (Best of Show), Game Trailers (Best 3DS Game), EGN (Excellence E3), Electric Playground (Best of E3), Nintendo Power (Most Valuable Game), Pure Nintendo (Best Adventure Game), Original Gamer (Best 3DS exclusive), Paul Gale Network (Best 3DS Game) and Gamer Theory Media (Best Handheld Game).

Gamelab 2013: The game was nominated to 3 awards from the Spanish Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences (similar to the BAFTA), winning 2 of them: Best Console Game and Best Music & Sound.

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