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Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

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TurboGrafx CD

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Platform Votes Score
TurboGrafx CD 25 4.2
Wii 6 3.2
Combined User Score 31 4.0

Critic Reviews

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WiiThunderbolt Games
This game has so much to offer. Richter is a wonderfully balanced hero, offering all kinds of combat options without ever seeming too powerful. His improved handling and Item Crash options make fighting far more interesting. The cleverly designed stages and excellent boss fights offer more than enough challenge. The branching levels, alternate endings, and extra secrets provides plenty of incentives to explore everything. Maria, despite her appearance and ridiculously over-powered moveset, gives gamers a chance to tackle stages in different ways. The animated cutscenes, the little atmospheric details in the levels, and voice acting help tie Richter’s crusade into an incredibly slick and entertaining experience. So before you replay Symphony of the Night for the umpteenth time, take a second to remember this game. Rondo of Blood deserves to be appreciated as much.
TurboGrafx CDThe Video Game Critic
The gameplay is typical Castlevania, where you use your whip and special weapons to battle monsters while collecting items hidden in candles. One aspect I especially like about Dracula X is although you can take multiple paths, the stages don't contain a myriad of confusing staircases like so many other Castlevania titles. I should warn you that this game is extremely hard and will frustrate novice gamers. Complimenting the gorgeous graphics is the best soundtrack I've ever heard in a Castlevania game, along with crisp, distinctive sound effects. You can save your game and return to any stage you've completed. Dracula X is a classic, and if you can get your hands on it, an excellent addition to your Turbo Duo library.
TurboGrafx CDPixel-Heroes.de
Technisch gesehen befindet sich Dracula X ebenso in höchsten Wolkengefilden. Makellose Steuerung, sehr guter Sound und schöne Musikstücke in CD-Qualität und viele bunte, sehr stimmungsvolle und abwechslungsreiche Hintergrundgrafiken lassen das Herz eines jeden echten Video-Games-Freaks höher schlagen. Ob die schöne Kerzenhalle, ein schauriger Friedhof oder das Geisterschiff (Ein Schiff, auf dem Skelette rumklappern, kann wohl nur ein Geisterschiff sein, oder?), solch interessante Orte gibt es in keinem anderen Castlevania-Spiel. Das Gesamtbild, das Dracula X bei dem Klassik-Spieler hinterlässt, ist einfach nur berauschend und einmalig! So muss ein Spiel aussehen, das den Spieler immer wieder aufs Neue zu fesseln versteht. Auf der PC-Engine gibt es kein besseres Plattformspiel. So ist es auch nicht verwunderlich, dass echte Castlevania-Fans für dieses Spiel auch mal tiefer als üblich in die Tasche greifen. Dieses Spiel muss man einfach kennen!
TurboGrafx CDHonestGamers
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood is worth its weight in gold. While this adventure only lasts about half an hour from start to finish, it’s charming and stylish enough to warrant many more play-throughs. I don’t often expect to take the time to traverse through Dracula’s keep, but I find myself revisiting harrowing stairwells and dank sewers just because they’re so freaking cool. There are so many little things that add enough extra panache to make the game memorable. Battling water spirits on cogs and gears, listening to the choking coughs of disintegrating bone pillars, throwing axes at a surly wyvern… Dracula X has it all. It’s bloodsucking at its best.
"Rondo of Blood" ist das "Mega Man 2" der Castlevania-Reihe. Wer auch nur ansatzweise was für Action-Platformer übrig hat und sich nicht am hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad der Serie stört, wird "Rondo of Blood" lieben. Hielt ich die Gesamtspielzeit nach dem ersten Durchgang noch gerade so für angemessen, entdeckte ich kurzerhand Maria als zweiten spielbaren Charakter und die vielen versteckten Stages, die einen sofort wieder in ihren Bann ziehen, bis man schließlich 100% im Spiel erreichen will. Neuerungen wie der Item-Crash und die Möglichkeit des Ausweichens erweitern die Serie um einige Gimmicks, die aber nichts am typischen Castlevania-Flair ändern. "Castlevania" ist ein Klassiker und spielt man "Super Castlevania IV", "Draculas Curse" oder "Rondo of Blood", dann weiß man, warum. Das Gesamtpaket hat mich hier letztlich am meisten überzeugt.
WiiNintendo Life
Rondo of Blood hasn't acquired the reputation of being one of the finest Castlevania games in existence over the years for nothing. Not only does it feature some absolutely fantastic level design, many with multiple pathways, but the PC Engine CD-quality soundtrack is among the best music the series has ever offered. Couple all of this with the same high level of challenge fans of the series have come to expect over the years and you have a Castlevania experience that should please even the most finicky fans of the series.
It's taken a very long while for this long-lost installment of the Castlevania series to finally be found, in America, on a piece of Nintendo hardware, but it's finally arrived -- and it's been worth the wait. Rondo of Blood really is one of the finest sequels in the series, and Richter's adventure is all the richer for the added perspective these extra years have added to the experience. This design combines the straightforward vampire-hunting action of the earliest games with hints of the open-world exploration that would later come to characterize the series in Symphony and beyond, and walking the bridge between those two eras is something that's been incredibly fulfilling for this old Nintendo loyalist to do.
TurboGrafx CDAll Game Guide
When most developers were struggling to come to terms with CDs, Konami managed to successfully meld old-school gameplay with the new format. Dracula X: Rondo of Blood makes the most of what CDs have to offer as a storage format without relying on it as a crutch. The gameplay is excellent as well, and the end result is one of the best games ever released for the TurboGrafx-16.
TurboGrafx CDLens of Truth
This is one of the best 2D games I have ever played. There is so much to do and find in this game. The artwork, sound, and play mechanics are top notch for it’s time period. This Castlevania is a must play for any old school gamer.
TurboGrafx CDMegablast
Grafik und Sound sind gut bis sehr gut, hätten aber immer noch ein bißchen besser sein können – im Gegensatz zu der erstklassigen Steuerung. Die gruselige Atmosphäre läßt ebenfalls keine Wünsche offen, so daß man Vampirjägern ruhigen Gewissens einen Besuch bei dem alten Langzahn empfehlen kann.
TurboGrafx CDEdge
Fortunately though, Dracula X is saved by some really solid gameplay. On the face of things, it seems a bit stale – mainly because of the limited use of your chain, as on the NES. However, the old fashioned gameplay is still enjoyable. Underneath the slightly crusty exterior there’s a depth to Dracula X – mainly in the game’s structure – that makes this a great buy. There are loads of levels in the game, lots of different routes to completing it, and secret rooms all over the place. If you’re a fan of the series, you won’t want to miss this. Just don’t expect to be that impressed the first time you see it.
Castlevania : Rondo Of Blood est définitivement un des meilleurs opus de la série. Complet, difficile, doté d'une excellente bande-son, il bénéficie en plus d'une excellente réalisation et apporte des innovations franchement bienvenues, tout en respectant à la lettre les codes qui ont fait l'originalité de la série. Une franche réussite donc, pour ce qui constitue l'un des meilleurs jeux d'action sur PC Engine.
TurboGrafx CDJeuxvideo.com
Castlevania : Rondo Of Blood est définitivement un des meilleurs opus de la série. Complet, difficile, doté d'une excellente bande-son, il bénéficie en plus d'une excellente réalisation et apporte des innovations franchement bienvenues, tout en respectant à la lettre les codes qui ont fait l'originalité de la série. Une franche réussite donc, pour ce qui constitue l'un des meilleurs jeux d'action sur PC Engine.