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General Hints/Tips - PlayStation
  Playing the game as Richter Belmont Apr 12, 2001 Satoshi Kunsai (2093)
  Alucard's Special Moves May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Belmont's Special Moves May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Enhanced Luck May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Axe Armor May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Beat Dopplehanger May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Beat Galamath May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Get the Holy Glasses and All Four Endings May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Heaven Sword Special Attack May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Shield Rod Trick May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  True Hellfire May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Secret Rooms May 26, 2001 Attila (590)
  Powerful sword with different attack type Jun 12, 2001 Fafnir (105)
  Easier way to gather rare items Aug 13, 2001 Satoshi Kunsai (2093)
  Fast cash Feb 04, 2002 Satoshi Kunsai (2093)

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