Cave Quest Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title / Loading
Main menu
Game modes
Game start
Mountain Path
Mountain Path complete
Castle Entrance
Shaman's tent
Pile of Stones failed
Battle with Guard spirit
Tourist shop
Ice Cave
Block of Ice
Iron Door
Castle hall dark magic
Home sweet home
Adventure map locations

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Choose Timed or Untimed mode
The story's introduction
The story unfolds more
The beginning adventure map
Instructions for the first tile-matching puzzle. This one follows a path and the board moves.
We have our first object - the pick. When charged up, it completely destroys one block.
The Shaman will help .. if you help him first.
This cave has two challenges - get rid of the purple "gloom" and then climb higher up.
Getting rid of the gloom in a tile match puzzle
This is a standard "match 3" type puzzle. Get the square stones to drop off the bottom. When that's done, the treasure chest will open and expose a quest item.
The stories about mountain spirits must be true!
How to "fight" in the "battle" tile matching puzzles
The first "fight" puzzle. Your opponent is pretty weak, so this should be easy.
Another board for standard "match 3" play.
The Tourist Shop has all sorts of things for sale, and they change as the game goes on. Notice the task list at bottom left.