Cave Story Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Main menu
Starting point
You can only stay underwater for a short time without drowning.
The first weapon in the game
A village is terrorized by an evil scientist.
Looking at the map

Macintosh version

Title screen
Introductory cut-scene
Starting location
Encountering enemies.
Dashed to bits by the spikes!
Breathing underwater.
Getting a power-up.
Inventory screen (empty)
This looks like it leads somewhere interesting and significant...
Getting some firepower!
A conversation I'm about to interrupt.
A helpful signpost
Beautiful attention to incidental detail, like the sprinkler in the garden.
Drowning (I've turned blue, like Alley Cat!).

Windows version

Title Screen
Opening cut scene
The first level
Finding a health power up
Meeting the bunnies
Underwater combat
Death by Fireballs
Missile Attack
A cutscene
Using the vents to get over a large chasm.
You will often need to find certain key items in order to advance.
Using a teleport.
One of many boss-battles
Nasty flying enemies
The wheel-shaped enemies explode into lots of small enemies.
Another boss-fight
Each weapon has certain advantages - Fireballs fall down.
The MG can be used to "fly".
The sword has a low shooting frequency but is very powerful.
Found a secret!
Don't get crushed by the moving rocks.
Fighting against a large vehicle called "Monster X".
Your girl companion is part of the gameplay and if you save her, there will be an alternative ending.
The Egg Corridor – one of the first imaginative locations in the game.
Some enemies work as a team.
Strong story, good characters and moral dilemmas are part of the game.
When returning to the Egg Corridor later on, much has changed
Disguised as a Mimiga