CaveDays Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

TItle screen.
Main menu screen.
Options screen.
Stage select screen.
Stage one loading screen.
Intro cutscene: Dawson and Ugo after a good day of dinosaur hunting.
Mission one objectives.
The question marked stones give the player tips on how things work in the game.
The game has some underwater action also.
Bonfires are checkpoints, activated when lighted up.
These huge broken dinosaur eggs are "teleporters".
Whenever a goal is completed, a gem is collected.
It is possible to check which objectives are completed by pausing the game.
Stage 2 loading screen.
The characters can keep items in their backpacks. Here Dawson puts a dinosaur on his.
Ugo and Dawson can carry items in game, like this beaten dinosaur.
Throughout the levels, the characters will find many of those "bug" special items, each one with a certain property. This one gives more time.
By stepping over switch stones, Dawson and Ugo can put devices in operation, like this lifting platform.
These plain rocks can be painted so the characters mark their territories. By painting all the rocks in a stage, they'll get a gem.
Objects like these stones can be thrown in different directions with different force.
Rocks like these can be lifted, revealing items under them.
Those rocks can also be used by the characters to reach higher platforms.
Ugo and Dawson will also find some NPCs to interact with, like Lok, the runner. Sometimes there will be mini-games to be played with them.
Finding all gems in a stage often unlocks more than one branch in the stage map.
In this intro cutscene, Dawson meets Ula and explains her how he hunts dinosaurs. The cutscenes are made in Flash, so they lose definition when zoomed in.
Dawson smacks a velociraptor with his club.
This carnivorous plant works as a cannon, spitting Dawson far away.