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The Caverns of Freitag (Apple II)

The Caverns of Freitag Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen (somewhat defaced)
The monsters arise for a new game...
Starting out at the inn (every cavern needs one!)
Taste my steel, thou disgusting reptile!
Headed back to the inn for some R&R.
Consulting the map view.
Came into some unexpected wealth.
Leveled up... and exchanged some gold for a handful of fine hit points.
The message window can be helpful during skirmishes.
Very subtle, Mr. Programmer.
Loaded up on items and experience.
The wizard introduces himself... ZAPPO!
I will kill you dead with my bow and arrow! BOW AND ARROW, I say!
Outnumbered... but not outgunned.
Another adventurer's corpse litters the caverns.