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GamePro (US) (May, 1994)
If you appreciate the sport of tennis, especially as it's televised this CD serves aces. Game, set and match go to International Tennis Open.
International Tennis Open uses digitized actors for realistic gameplay and incredible CD sound right from the court. No exaggeration - this is the best tennis game in any format! Not just a game, this is a true tennis simulation. Highly recommended.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 06, 2016)
There's a bit of "dead time" between points but you can hit a button to expedite the process. I didn't recognize any of the players in this game (Victor Player? Robert Garett?) so I assume they're fictional. One issue with International Tennis is its controls. It's easy enough to volley the ball but hard to perform cross-court shots, lobs, or drop-shots. After consulting the manual I discovered the default "manual" mode is anything but manual! If you want to influence your shots you have to set it to "fully manual". Seriously? Even then I found it hard to angle shots. Your positioning is supposed to play a role but it's all pretty vague. That said, competing against a friend is fun, as is challenging the CPU in a tournament. When switching sides both players perform "get loose" moves that make it look like they're dancing with each other. My friend Scott isn't a big CD-i advocate but even he had to admit this is impressive.
Retro Game Reviews (Aug 06, 2015)
With International Tennis Open it's blatantly obvious that too much time was spent focussing on the presentation / multimedia rather than the actual gameplay. The window dressing is fantastic but the action on the court is so unpolished that it makes it impossible to recommend.
Defunct Games (May 06, 2006)
How hard could it be to make a fun tennis game? Apparently very, VERY difficult, as International Tennis Open plays like a nightmare! With an overall creepy presentation to boot, this one is better left at the bottom of the list on eBay where you found it.