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What really makes Litil Devil so much fun is it's sense of humor. Every animation and puzzle sequence make me chuckle or laugh out loud - not easy to do when you're as jaded as I am. (just kidding!).
Was die CD-i-Version (für die Euer Gerät mit einem Full-Motion-Video-Modul ausgestattet sein muß) so speziell macht, sind die Grafikeinlagen, die aus einem echten Zeichentrickfilm stammen könnten. Das und der abgefahrene Sound lassen Litil Divil zu einer echten Perle werden, die allerdings in kein Genre reingequetscht werden kann.
Some of the puzzles in the game are blatantly easy. Like this fight scene (shown right) all you must do is knock the guy in the leg with your stick and he goes flyin'. However, each of the games battles & puzzles becomes more difficult as you progress. Keeping the fun alive, and allowing you to use your brain... not just your thumb speed.
I'll have to say that the opening sequence to the game was great to look at. In fact, most of the graphics in Lil Divil are quite good. Still, it plays like a tired PC computer game with mediocre control. The animation was okay, but didn't thrill me. There are role-playing/adventure and fighting action sequences in the game, which gives it some play value. But even though the character is humorous, the appeal wore off.
Defunct Games (Sep 22, 2006)
When did I start to like RPGs? I'm quite sure it was the time when game developers finally decided to get rid of those freaking endless dungeons in which every hallway and corner looked exactly the same! Phantasy Star, Dungeons & Dragons, Shining in the Darkness even The Legend of Kyrandia; what did they all have in common? Yes, you guessed it right, infinite, huge, never-ending dungeons! The first one who can explain to me what the fun was of walking in a maze in which every wall and floor appears precisely alike, will win a prize.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 23, 2002)
First of all, the control is not what I would call responsive and the game is too slow in general. You'll absorb a LOT of cheap hits. The hallways all look the same after a while, and even with the auto-map feature, you'll either get lost or just plain tired of wandering aimlessly. Although the canned animated scenes are amusing at first, you can't skip them, and you'll become weary of watching them over and over. In the end, Litil Divil is a nice showcase for the CD-i, but comes up short in the gameplay department.