Lords of the Rising Sun Credits

Based on a original computer game

Programming, artwork, design and music byDavid Todd, Doug Barnett, Bob Lindstrom

CD-I Game Production

ProgrammerMike Berro
Additional ProgrammingKen Jordan
PrototypeEugene Curran
Graphic ArtistCourtney Lane
QAGreg Hemsath (as Greg A. L. Hemsath)
Executive ProducerSarina Simon
ProducerDavid White
Senior ProducerDavid Riordan
Creative DirectorDavid Riordan
Director of TechnologyDavid Todd

Video Production

DirectorRobert Weaver
Production ManagerMark Kolbe
Production CoordinatorSamantha Weerasinge
Director of PhotographyMackenzie Waggaman (as Mackenzie Waggamen)
Assistant DirectorPhil Scarpaci (as Phil Scarpacci)
Ultimatte OperatorBob Kertesz (as Robert Kertesz)
Video TechnicianJay Elkayam
SoundJohn Cevetello, Tom Parker
GafferMark Whitney
GripDana Baker
Wardrobe/PropsSidney Bartholomew
Assistant WardrobeMichael Budge
Script SupervisorLia Sargent
Make‑Up/HairHaley Cecile
Production AssistantDennis Crimmons
Production InternLinda Martinek
Video AdvisorMike Berro
Stage & Production ServicesKolbeco Productions Inc.

Audio Production

Sound DesignRobert Weaver
Audio Post ProductionRobert Weaver Enterprises
CDI Music ScoreJim Andron
Princess played byLinda Igrashi
Emperor played byErnest Harada
Adjutant played byFrancois Chau
Ninja played byPaul Nakauchi
Script byMark Scarpaci, David White

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (44277)