Lost Eden Credits

Lost Eden

A game created byCryo
Produced byVirgin Interactive Entertainment

CDI Version

Directed byEmmanuel Forsans
ProgrammingAlain Saffray
GraphicsDanièle Herbulot
Digitized VoicesJean-Marc Delon
For Philips MediaDavid McElhatten, Maiken Fraley, Bertrand Gibert, Darren Hedges, Julian Lynn-Evans
Special Thanks toPhilips ADS for MPEG Encoding, Tim Page, Paul Reid, Johnny Wood, Philips Interactive Media Centre for CD-i tests


Graphics by Jean-Jacques Chaubin, Sohor Ty, Isabelle Grospiron, Philippe Jedar, Yvon Trevien, Danièle Herbulot
PC Programming byPatrick Dublanchet
Music and Sounds byStéphane Picq
Texts byJohan K. Robson
With the special participation ofSteve Jackson
Original Design byRémi Herbulot, Philippe Ulrich, Johan K. Robson
Additional ProgrammingPascal Urro, Olivier Robin, Rémi Herbulot
VoicesEdward Marcus, Paul Bandey, Kim Michelle Broderick, Patrick Floersheim, Steve Gadler, David Gasman, Roger Lumont, Gay Marshall, Mike Marshall, Karen Strassman, Yannick Vail, Michel Vigné
Lips synchJean-Marc Delon, Thierry Carado, Regina Bolly, Danièle Herbulot
ProducerDiarmid Clarke
Executive ProducerJon Norledge
Quality AssuranceJon Martin, Sacha Tait
Directed byRémi Herbulot


US Co‑ordinatorKen Love
AssistantKirstie McCune
Quality Assurance ManagerDavid Maxey
Quality AssurancePaul Moore, Nick Camerota, Chris Nelsen, Victor Rodriguez, Mitch Feldman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (44003)