Mystic Midway: Rest in Pieces Credits


Dr. Dearth played byRandy Polk
Script byJanis Diamond

Game Production

ProgrammingJoe Burks
Additional Programming Ken Jordan
Art Director Brad Parker
Graphic Artist John Dugan
Quality Assurance Greg Hemsath (as Greg A.L. Hemsath )
Testing Janis Beckenbach
Executive ProducerSarina Simon
Associate Producer David White
Senior Producer David Riordan
Creative Director David Riordan
Director of Technology David Todd

Video Production

DirectorDavid Riordan
Production Manager Carrie Daccardi
Director of Photography Mackenzie Waggaman (as Mackenzie Waggamen )
GafferMark Whitney
Key Grip Dana Baker
Ultimatte Operator Bob Kertesz (as Robert Kertesz )
Tape Operator Greg Noyes
SoundTom Parker
Make Up Wendy Demmerle
GripJim Torgenson
DriverJim Torgenson
Craft Services Pamela Ludwig
Stage Services Premore Inc.
Sound Design Robert Weaver
Audio Post Production Robert Weaver Enterprises

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (40371)