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The actual video footage of players is cool and should not be missed. This CD will broaden your knowledge of the history of football and then some. Hey, it doesn't hurt to learn more every day.
The scrolling is terrible. Really choppy. The best thing about it is the fact that the referee sequences look good. Overall, very informative but not really playable.
Game Players (Feb, 1995)
But, for the out-and-out football fanatic who happens to own a CD-i, this is one title he or she would love to have in their library.
GamePro (US) (Feb, 1995)
Hall of Fame Football breaks into a clear field...then fumbles. You'll have a good time studying football history, and a not-so-good time actually playing the game.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 23, 2002)
Hall of Fame also features bonus informative materials about many Hall of Fame players. Unfortunately, when I tried to read about Johnny Unitas, the program responded with, "Due to contractual obligations, this player cannot appear in the game." Huh? The guy hasn't played for 40 years, what kind of contract could he have?! For everything Hall of Fame does right, it seems to do something else wrong. It's not a great game by any stretch, but at least it looks good, and is definitely playable. I suppose that's more than can be said for most CD-i titles.