Zelda's Adventure Trivia (CD-i)

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Many of the characters in the game were employees of Viridis in costume. They would walk on a treadmill while being video captured. The data would then be hand-edited down to a limited number of animations per character.

The receptionist played the main role of Zelda. Randy Casey, the lead programmer, was the zombie found in a few of the dungeons (he was wrapped in toilet paper).

Other creatures were small figures created by hand and animated one frame at a time.

Contributed by Randy Casey (6) on Sep 23, 2006. -- edit trivia

The name of the land Zelda must venture to, Tolemac, is Camelot spelled backwards.

Unlike the other two Zelda games on the CD-i, which had animated cut scenes, this one used actors in costumes in its cutscenes.

Contributed by LepricahnsGold (128175) on May 21, 2006. -- edit trivia

The reason Nintendo licensed their Zelda characters to Philips Interactive was because Phillips and Nintendo were co-creating a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES. The contract between them allowed Philips to create games with the Mario and Zelda characters. Although Nintendo never released a CD-ROM add-on for SNES, they did have the legal contract with Philips, so Philips was able to create three Zelda-based games and one Mario-based game.

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