Fantastic Voyage Credits (CDTV)

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Fantastic Voyage Credits


ProgrammingMarc Hawlitzeck
GraphicsFleckenstein Art Studios
Art DirectionChristian Fleckenstein Laursen
Music composed byBjørn A. Lynne
Sound EffectsJohn Sievers, Marc Hawlitzeck
Game DesignChristian Fleckenstein Laursen, Marc Hawlitzeck, John Sievers
Additional DesignGreg Johnson, Kelly Keith
Cover DesignWill Culpepper II
Play TestingGreg Niles, Abe Moubacher, Tina Ratto, Chuck O'Donnell, Todd Hayward, Joe DeMello
English ManualJohn Sievers
Italian TranslationTodd Hayward
German TranslationMarc Hawlitzeck
French TranslationArcides Gonzalez
Twentieth Century Fox CoordinatorLaura Rubenstein
Production CoordinatorAbe Moubacher
Produced byJohn Sievers
Special Thanks toThomas Porschen, Markus Imberg (Manta), Tim Burke, Tim Sullivan, Dennis Hammer
Based upon the filmFantastic Voyage

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