Related Web Sites

  • Hints for Loom (These hints by Robert Norton will get you through the game without spoiling it for you.)
  • LucasArts' Secret History (A multi-article feature about the game by the LucasArts news site, The International House of Mojo. The feature article includes an unscored review, short responses written by members of the site's community, trivia, downloads and other such resources, a feature article arguing for an interactive fiction understanding of the game, the reflections of a few of the developers, and a narrative walkthrough.)
  • ScummVM (supports Loom under Windows, Linux, Macintosh and other platforms.)
  • Unused Graphics from the DOS CD version (Images from the DOS CD version of Loom that are not used in the actual game but are still in the resource files.)
  • Walkthrough for Loom (All actions needed to complete Loom - step by step and all at once.)
  • Wikipedia: Loom (article in the open encyclopedia about the game)

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