Advertising Blurbs

Editor's website:
    You are Turrican-the cockiest, coolest Chromidium Warrior since Robocop and Terminator. Your mission? Explore and reclaim the deep space colony of Alterra from blood-draining, bio-mutated killers. It's a big job. But no big deal when you're bad and bullet proof. 4 vast worlds to conquer. Explore 10 menacing levels. Go underwater, underground, into cities. Nearly 1,000 screens. A galaxy of surprises. Bonus rooms, secret passages, hidden objects make this a never-ending quest. An awesome arsenal. Strap on the high-tech weapons. Blaster. Powerlines. Lightning Whip. Photon Grenades.

    Contributed by jean-louis (32138) on May 08, 2015.

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (German/French/Italian):

    shoot or die!

    ... das ultimative Science-Fiction Shoot'em up:
  • 13 actiongeladene Level mit mehr als 1000 Screens
  • durchschlagende High-Tech-Super-Waffen: Blaster, Powerlinien, lenkbare Blitz usw.
  • Secret rooms, black tunnels, Pipeline-Systeme
  • brilliante Spezialeffekte
  • 50 verschiedene Aliens sowie screenfüllende Endmonster
  • Continuefunktion und Highscoreliste

    ... c'est un Shoot'em up de science-fiction avec:
  • 13 niveaux pleins d'action et plus de 1000 séquences
  • de puissants système d'arms: Blasters, Powerlignes, éclairs etc.
  • des effects spéciaux
  • 50 Aliens et des monstres géants
  • Possibilité de continuer
  • Sauvegarde des scores

    ... l'ultimo shoot'em up di fantascienza:
  • 12 livelli d'azione con più di 1000 schermate
  • Potenti armi ad alta tecnologia
  • Stanze nascoste, tunnels bui, sistemi conduttura
  • Incredibili effetti speciali
  • 50 alieni diversi ed altrettanti monstri
  • Continue mode e lista con i punteggi più alti

    The World of Turrican

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Dec 19, 2004.

U.S. print ad (Genesis):
    THIS IS TURRICAN. The most destructive force since RoboCop and Terminator. In your Chromidium armor, you challenge evil with the most devastating arsenal of firepower in the galaxy. Mega Play calls it "the ultimate action game for Genesis. There's a huge variety of weapons and techniques you must master to beat this challenging and great-playing cart...I love this game!"

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 13, 2004.