Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

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Main Title
Main Menu
Introduction. Your path is laid out quite clear.
Name your Irishman. The leader selection screen. Historians of early Irish lore will find some recognizable names here.
Early Oppression. The Fomors will constantly require tribute, lest you wish to earn their wrath.
"If we only had more food at this table..." Consult your council to hear their wisdom, and see statistics about your lands and their people.
Sending him out to pasture. Assigning heroes to tasks will increase results.
Fiacha returns from scouting. Exploration is key early on, as you will want to find good land for minimal effort.
Taking diplomatic offers with grain of wheat. Diplomacy has its uses. You're supposed to unite the clans, not decimate them....
Darn tree huggin' druids. Religion play a small part in the game, as it is the source of much of your spell ability.
A few good men. Talking to and recruiting heroes makes your life easier.
Ah...green fields of Ireland. Taking a break in the middle of summer to enjoy the scenery.
Ouch! That smarts! A reckless young Celtic warrior faces off against a brutish Fomor.
When Irish swords are shiny... Battles and raids are played out on the same main gameplay window as the rest of the tactical options.