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    In the year 2214, in the system of Alpha Centauri, six races formed a historic alliance.

    Their dream: Peace throughout the galaxy. Today, less than three decades later, that dream has become a living reality.

    However, mysterious events are occurring on the far fringes of Alliance space. Rumors filter back of a mutinous Donsai officer gathering a force of renegades ... an Alliance armory is looted of its weapons ... a border patrol vanishes ...

    Most disturbing, arms dealers report uneasily that components of the legendary Fractyr Fist have surfaced in the black-market. In the hands of Alliance enemies, the Fist - perhaps the most powerful weapon in history - would pose an incalculable danger.

    Alarmed, the High Council has secretly commissioned you to lead a hand-picked team on a clandestine mission. Whatever the cost, you must quell the rebellion and prevent any part of the Fist from falling into hostile hands.

    As you launch your expedition, you begin a puzzling and perilous adventure to planets where nothing can be taken at face value and where no one can really be trusted ... not even those you would trust with your life.


    View team members and "others" on the large center screen.

    As you explore each world, you'll see the environment scrolling around you.

    You'll get a pilot's view as you travel in hyperspace between planets.

    Combat situations are displayed in 3-D on the battle screen.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Mar 31, 2005.