Centauri Alliance Screenshots

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Apple II version

Title screen looks nice for an Apple II
You can create up to 8 inquire character or import your own from other RPGs.
Oh, who's that?
Adventuring now that the party is nicely created.
The automapping is a handy feature for its time.
A RPG wouldn't be complete without combats.

Commodore 64 version

Starting location: Alliance Headquarters at Lunabase
Walking around Lunabase in first person view
Combat takes place on hex grids with your whole party taking up only 1 field
Top View
You can control characters of six different races: Humans have no PSI- but great combat-ability
Donsai are stronger than humans but have weaker dexterity
Praktors have the ability to metamorph
Valkyryn are the best technicians
Arcturians are protected by a strong chitinious exoskeleton
the reptilian Manstraks are the strongest warriors
At the Academy you can train your characters
At the Bio-Maintenance facility you can heal your characters
Buying weapons at the Alliance Armory
Choosing a location at a starport
Traveling through space