Chain Reaction Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The eGames version starts with an eGames front end screen. The documentation accessed via this screen is the game's manual
Once started the game brings up this menu
These are the in-game configuration options. The default is for the game to run in a window.
The aim of each level is to get the monster into his platform. When this is achieved fireworks go off in celebration.
There are lots of simple tutorial levels to play through, each demonstrating a specific feature of implement. At the end of each lesson the player can replay it or progress.
As with many games the player must sign in before they can play. This means that upon returning to the game the player can resume from the point they last reached
Each puzzle has a 'Toy Box' icon which brings up information about it
When restarting the player is offered the option to restart from their last level