Ad blurb

The blurb on the back of the US box may be well-written, but nearly every point of it is incorrect in some way.


As well as the disks and manual, the original box also included:
  • A Data East 1990 catalog
  • Warranty/Contest card
  • Disk-exchange coupon
  • "Join the RPGA Network" special offer
  • "An Unreal $125 offer exclusive to Draconian players" - money-off coupons for table-top RPGs and miniatures


Although Michel Rho was responsible for Kult's graphics, the initial artistic direction was handled by renowned French illustrator Philippe Caza (Heavy Metal, Gandahar, Skan...). Most Exxos/Cryo games, up to Purple Saturn Day, bear the influence of Caza's style.

Graphics glitch

There is quite a big error in the DOS EGA implementation; It appears that one of the colours used is accidentally 'transparent' which basically results in white and cyan pixels being scattered across the game's backgrounds. If you hadn't played the game on the Atari ST or Amiga, you might think the game was meant to look like this, but it isn't.

Modder Sam Jeffreys:
Chamber is one of my favourite games, but the glitched graphics (see earlier trivia item) have been bugging me ever since I first saw them. I'm very pleased to announce that I've finally got around to fixing the graphics and you can now download the patch. The game finally looks as it was intended to look :)

Version differences

  • The European DOS version is in CGA, with minimal sound from the PC speaker (no music, and just a few beeps for sound effects). The U.S. release added EGA support, AdLib music and sound effects.
  • The European version has two extra title screens that are not included in the US release.
  • The US version was published by Data East, on its short-lived Draconian label. It was the first game released on the label, closely followed by Infogrames' Drakkhen. The aim of the Draconian label was to appeal to RPG fans, both of computer-based and table-top RPGs. The offers included in the original Chamber box are evidence of this aim.


  • Power Play
    • Issue 01/1990 - #3 Best Graphics of 1989
Information also contributed by Kaminari

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