Chameleon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Scoring information, with a little theatre act as in Pacman and others
Starting out in the middle of the screen
The big bird throws a baseball
A hen is hit by the ball and turns into a roasted hen
Eating an egg
Hit by a baseball
The big bird is invincible, even to a chameleon's tongue
Hunted by hens
All eggs eaten, all birds dead (except for the big one) — the level is clear!
Stage 2
Hit by a hen
Stage 3
Stage 3 introduces a blue, rolling egg
The end
High score

Casio PV-1000 version

Title screen
The PV1000 version starts in the construction site, which is stage 2 in the arcade original
Hunted by a hen
All eggs and hens taken
Stage 2
The end