Champion of the Raj Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

The game's a rare diversion from pure adventure for Level 9
Loading screen
The cutscenes mimic SCUMM adventures
Choose your side
The main game screen
Elephant, honey. It's an elephant
Bihar is down on Industry
No chance of victory here
I fought the law and the Gujerati lost
Circumstances strengthen us
Are we strong enough, or can the gold be better used elsewhere?
Use it Dehli-cately
How times change
Are the last 2 facts related?
Combat results
Each side makes moves like these
Attacks don't always win
How it looks after 1 turn

DOS version

An unusually varied assortment of possible graphics modes
Title screen (VGA)
Introduction: from the docks of London (VGA)
Intro: across the world's oceans (VGA)
Intro: landing in India. (VGA)
Intro: Kidnapped by Thugs! (VGA)
Intro: Escape from the cult. (VGA)
Intro: Governing at last. (VGA)
Player selection (VGA)
With a large army, all you can hope for is to break even. (VGA)
India map (VGA)
Tiger hunting? Sounds intriguing... (VGA)
Sage advice (VGA)
Sometimes you get the tiger... (VGA)
Sometimes the tiger gets you! (VGA)
Throwing a parade. (or "durbah") (VGA)
Yessir, look at those elephants go! (VGA)
Game options (VGA)
Adjusting troop levels for battle. (VGA)
Manually directing troop movements in combat. (VGA)
Battle results (VGA)
Dictates from above (VGA)
Governing decisions during crises. (VGA)
Off to the elephant races! (VGA)
A more graceful sport I cannot imagine. (VGA)
Copy protection (VGA)
Game over! (VGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Player selection (EGA)
India map (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Introduction: from the docks of London (CGA)
Player selection (CGA)
India map (CGA)
Governing decisions during crises. (CGA)
Game over! (CGA)