Champions of Krynn Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Start menu
Rolling demo - Sir Ringwald
Rolling demo - Explore cities...
Rolling demo - Explore cities... and what's behind that door...
Rolling demo - Find shops...
Rolling demo - Find evil...
Rolling demo - You never know...
Rolling demo - ...when evil will strike.
Rolling demo - Dragon
Rolling demo - Battle
Rolling demo - Beauty and danger...
Game start
Sir Karl
Draconians attacking a caravan.

Apple II version

Character creation

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Editing a character's combat graphic
Rolling a character's stats
Town menu
Draconians are attacking a caravan

DOS version

Strategic Simulations, Inc. presents...
Maya - isn't she beautiful? ;)
The story begins here...
Map of the Land.
Ha! I'll show YOU who gets hurt! ;)
fight fight fight
The Draconians are attacking! Ready thy blade!
Walking through Throtl (first mission)
Meet the legendary Kender - Tasselhoff Burroot! One of the Heroes of the Lance!
Here comes the Cavalry! Gold Dragons to the rescue!
A Death Knight! He looks kinda pale.
Flying Citadels....thought they were destroyed in the War of the Lance.
Green Dragons - best fought with a Dragonlance :)
I wonder if the insurance will pay for THAT crash ;)
Why does he just always escape...?
Now you've done it, you've mad'em mad. Bring it on!
Someone needs a lotta Aid Kits.
Facing Myrtani and his personal bodyguards. The odds don't look too good...

PC-98 version

Typical AD&D disclaimer
Title screen
Main menu
Character creation
Customizing character graphics
Map of Krynn
Visiting a town
This guy looks like he was fired by the WWF
Camp screen
Temple menu
Encounter outside
Battle begins
Battle in progress...