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ZX Spectrum 5 2.8
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Commodore 64Commodore Format (Jun, 1993)
A great-looking game with a weird control system but worth the effort.
Atari STATARImagazin (Mar, 1987)
Die Figuren sind relativ klein, unscheinbar und lieblos gezeichnet. Ein wenig mehr Mühe bei der Gestaltung der Animation hätte bestimmt nicht geschadet. Dennoch fällt die Gesamtwertung positiv aus, denn an Spielspaß und Qualität gibt es nichts Vergleichbares. Kleine gags lockern das Ganze noch zusätzlich auf. So erscheint immer vor und nach einem Spiel die entsprechende Seite eines Sportmagazins mit einem Bericht über das Ereignis. Wer also Wert auf eine gute, spannende und abwechslungsreiche Simulation legt, ist mit diesem Programm richtig beraten.
Commodore 64The Video Game Critic (Oct 11, 2012)
Despite the annoyances, I found myself enjoying Championship Baseball for at least the first four or five innings. After that the bad controls and wonky AI take their toll on me. With the Orioles finally getting a post-season berth for the first time in 15 years I'm in full baseball mode this month, but even with that exuberance it's hard to play a full game of Championship Baseball.
Apple IIComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 1987)
The game has the option of creating your own team, saving it to disk and then running it through a season. If the team is good enough, you can make the playoffs and go for the title. This is a concept that worked well with GBA Basketball and does the same here. It would have been nice if the program kept stats for the individual players, but that wasn't expected since GBA didn't perform that feat either. All the action is joystick controlled. Some sequels aren't really worth making another purchase. Championship Baseball is the exception.