Championship Surfer Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Intro movie
Kids can surf too.
Main menu
Surfer selection
Jon Jon movie
Selecting Ballard.
Sandy Beach description
Weather conditions
Sandy Beach
Cut Loose Cove
Floating style
Board selection
Broke board
Game over
High score table

Windows version

Bit from the intro, featuring a lot of surfing highlights
Title screen
Main menu
Game modes
Selecting a surfer
A game that has a "Gnarly Point" has to be good
It's possible to randomize the weather conditions
Each board is more suitable for different waves
Paddling to get a wave
completing a trick
Riding a floater
Getting away from a barrel
Big air
Riding the storm
Thankfully, you don't need to worry about going head first into a coral reef
Arcade has many objects (as well as divers) you must steer away from, or the board might break
Tournament is a three-round competition where the player must be better than the direct opponent
Each wave is rated, and the top three make the final score
Riding a barrel
You can change cameras as you like, including a chase view, but gameplay suffers from that
Big waves require more barrels than air for high scores
Getting away alive from this will boost your score
Winning a tournament