Chess Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Main menu
Starting an one-player game
The beginning.
Colors mark the squares available for our pawn to move to. The yellow square marks the most recently moved opponent's piece.
Our king is under threat (represented by a red square.) For some reason the game refers to check as "Chess !"
Promoting the pawn. At the top of the screen we can see the pieces captured throughout the game.
A succesful checkmate of the computer opponent.
Chosen a different graphic set, and turned on the "rotated pieces" option, so that Black's pieces are drawn upside down.
A review of the game so far. As you can see, the coordinates display is buggy--the row number is one lower than it should be (as of v1.0.3.)
The one-player game statistics screen, showing the number of human victories (green), draws (blue) and computer victories (red).