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Chibi-Robo!: Plug into Adventure!

Chibi-Robo!: Plug into Adventure! Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen
Jenny is having a birthday party
Chibi Robo sees the light for the first time...
On the table. I want some chicken :)
Looks like this is a rather old-fashioned family
This is Telly, your eternal side-kick
Doing good deeds earns you Happy Points
First-person view
Cleaning is accompanied by cool guitar music :) And the Happy Points keep coming! :)
Let's go shopping!
This is your status screen. Not much yet, but... we'll get there!..
The characters speak in the same mysterious gibberish as everyone in all Skip games
The game has highly unique, hilarious characters
The Chibi House is like your home base. You "level up" here
You'll have to recharge yourself way too often in the beginning. Don't worry, though: as the game progresses, you'll be able to find upgrades if your rank is high enough
Hmm, does this costume remind you of anybody? The dog it represents appears in most Kenichi Nishi games
Each room has such a map. Very helpful, indeed, considering the fact you are a VERY small robot and the rooms seem huge to you!
Using Chibi sight to have a better view of the foyer
Poor Chibi! If you run out of energy, you'll automatically acquire this "Trauma Suit"...
You'll acquire a weapon - Chibi Blaster - at some point. You try using it on innocent weird guys. There is no effect
You descend into the mysterious basement and pour water all around with your new tool
No, Chibi, I don't think a toothbrush is a good weapon to fight those pesky mechanical spiders with! Note the Drake costume Chibi is wearing
Awww... These are cute pajamas - perhaps a bit too gay for a stud like Chibi? Anyway, you try using your spoon on those dirty paw traces. It doesn't seem to work
What's better for stealthy action than covering yourself with a mug and sneaking past the lady of the house in the kitchen?
Whoa!!.. This is a Ghost Suit, acquired through a simple side quest. You glance outside...
Loading screen
Chibi manual
Bizarre TV-watching - one of the many weirdly humorous scenes in this game
Yeah! Donning your Frog Suit, Chibi throws garbage into the waste basket! After all, that's what he was purchased for!
Scanning the backyard. It's a nice sunny day...
You can do some serious climbing in the backyard. But be sure to equip your trusty Robocopter to soften those nasty falls!
You've climbed far - to the roof of the house! You get a great view from there. Note the time has passed and now it's night...
One of the game's many eccentric characters - the famed Space Hunter Drake, whose love life you are going to arrange
You really want to eat those fruits!
These portable ladders are essential for exploration. Here, you've accessed a bookshelf in the foyer
You went down the drain. Literally. The path under the sink is presented in this mysterious 2D perspective
You'll accumulate many useful items and suits
This is the bedroom - accessed after you've found a way to climb those stairs!
Hmm... any video games here?
Jenny's room - a place for questing, item-collecting, and more!