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ArcadeHonestGamers (Jul 15, 2004)
Chiller is perhaps best considered a decidedly jagged contrast between artistic style and technical execution. As a pure shooter it's very short and quickly becomes repetitive; the secrets are a nice touch, but ultimately fleeting once they've been found. In terms of its content, however, Exidy has produced a memorably graphic thriller that would likely inspire concerned parents to take pause even today. The visuals are exceptionally smooth and detailed considering that this game hails from 1986, six years before Mortal Kombat became the poster child for video game controversy, and are sure to induce a sinister chuckle in any fan of cheap, tasteless horror. Remember, childhood trauma is an important part of growing up, so be sure to show this one to your younger siblings right before bedtime, okay? They'll thank you for it.
NESNES Fanz (Dec 28, 2004)
If you're looking for a violent NES game with blood and gore, you can try this game if you want, but you'll be disappointed probably. The only thing that's chilling about this game is how boring it is!
NESThe Video Game Critic (Jun 11, 2001)
Is this sick or what? Fortunately, the cheesy NES graphics aren't realistic enough to be disturbing. In this final stage, a man is chained to the wall, another is in a guillotine, and a semi-naked woman is trapped in an iron maiden. Chiller is over-the-top by any standard. It provides some novelty value for adults, but it's definitely not for kids.
Either a Zapper or a controller may be used during play, and even two people can play simultaneously, although the game does not seem to be able to properly register two shots made close to the same time, rendering that play option mostly useless in this “chilling” oddity of a game.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Jul 12, 2015)
Chiller is confusing as (without looking into it too deeply) it's either a horrific game made by psychopaths or something that's supposed to make us question our morality. Either way it doesn't make for an enjoyable experience and even if you just focus on the gameplay elements it's a poorly developed title with few redeeming features.
NESJust Games Retro (Oct 29, 2006)
Chiller is in fact the most disturbing game I've ever played. Since we don't do arcade reviews, I initially thought nothing would come of this. However, Exidy released an independent NES port, not licensed by Nintendo, and awfully hard to find. I'm here to tell you to leave this one buried.
NESNintendojo (1996)
I’ve played thousands of games in my day, and Chiller is honestly by far the worst. I pity all 27 people who actually bought Chiller. For those ill-fated gamers who have experienced the horror that is Chiller, I feel your pain. It is our civic duty to the gaming community to inform others to avoid this monstrosity at all costs. The more people that know to avoid Chiller, the more people who will be saved from the pain and suffering it causes, and, as our good friend GI Joe taught us, “Knowing is half the battle”.
0 (Jul, 2011)
This game could have been awesome. Who doesn’t like shooting scary monsters? It fulfills the dreams of scared children and former children ’round the world by giving them the chance to shoot the very things that make them afraid. Sega captialized on it with great success in their House of the Dead series, and apparently, the arcade version of Chiller was a fun predecessor to the House of the Dead. Alas, the NES version of Chiller looks like it was constructed by disturbed four-year-olds with a vague knowledge of game development. It’s playable, but barely, and it’s strange and unsettling for all the wrong reasons.