Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your mission.
Let's go Chip.
Avoid the robot dog.
Touching a cactus will lose a heart.
Using a box as a weapon.
Throw the apple.
Dale's turn.
Stood next to a bonus.
The fly will kill enemies.
Walking on the wires.

NES version

Title Screen
Japan Title screen
Europe Title screen
Dale - Level 1
Mechanical dogs attack
Chip and Zipper
Chip & Dale; Tag Team
Chip & Dale; Level 1
The Team, The Story
In a science lab
The boss is some mad inventor's creation
End-of-zone bonus level
The overall map
In a diner
Negotiating the faucets (and turning them off manually)
Hopping on the hot stove
Defeating the alien boss creatures
The toy level
These small bunnies mess with the carpet to throw you off
A big, mean, toy robot
Abandoned warehouse zone
The casino, featuring gangster lizards
The casino boss
After clearing this zone, Gadget builds a rocket to carry you to the remainder of the game
Ninja flying squirrels
The map of the final 3 zones
Forceful fans and pelicans
Discovering cheese which will lure Monty who will bust through the gate with his sheer size
Caterpillar boss
Axes on the conveyor belt
Fat Cat