Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Screenshots

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WonderSwan version

Title screen
Nice to meet you... filthy animals!
Chocobo is saving the game
Upon entering the dungeon, you encounter a foe
Hey, I'm a non-violent person... why don't you just let me have that there leather helmet, and we'll remain friends?
They even don't let me to climb the stairs!
"N" yourself! Talk politely to me, or else!!... Oh, whom am I kidding? I'm just a harmless yellow bird from Final Fantasy
The beginning of the journey
Nice lanterns!
Kupo! Kupo, kupo, kupopo! You understand me if you played Final Fantasy games, right?..
There must be a mysterious entrance here... otherwise I don't know what are we playing this game for
Okay, a hexagramm, Salomon's temple, masons' secret symbol, Israel's national flag, whatever... let's just get outta here!
We engage in a deep philosophical conversation... "I-chi-chi-chi" is a good start
Name yer poison!
I don't even know why I am here
A couple of campari with orange juice for me, please