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Chocobo Racing

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PS Vita

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 11 3.3
PlayStation 3 1 5.0
PSP 1 5.0
PS Vita 1 5.0
Combined MobyScore 14 3.7

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PlayStationPlaystation Illustrated
Driving in Chocobo Racing could be better. The steering can be a serious hassle when you're using a character with poor grip, and still is a pain in the butt with better-handling characters. Don't bother using the analog sticks -- you'll have more precise control with the digital pad anyway. The menu system is really cute, though, and the characters are terribly endearing. Chocobo Racing could have been much more, with tighter controls. As it is, it's just a rather fun little kart racer. If you're a fan of the genre, check it out. Otherwise, it's probably not a necessary addition to your collection.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
If you have been drooling for a Kart style racer for the PSX than I would say your wait is finally over. Chocobo Racing comes out of the gates a little weak at first but manages to grow on you once you give it the time it deserves
If you’re looking for a real hard-core racing game, you will be disappointed. This game is targeted to the younger crowd and is more than adequately entertaining and appealing to children. It’s not too complicated, so just about anyone can enjoy it right away. This would be a great first game for a preschooler who could probably learn to make it around the track fairly quickly and progress to greater skill levels as they got older. Older kids would probably have fun with it too, but I wasn’t able to find any to test it with. The game is labeled for “Everyone” and says that it has mild animated violence. I would call it extremely mild. The only violence I could see is the fact that you’re casting spells that cause your animated cartoon opponents to spin out on the track, etc. If you have kids, I would say that they would probably enjoy this game. The kid in me did.
Chocobos, Moogles, Golems, Humanos, Goblins e incluso Dragones se dan cita en este juego de Karts protagonizado por las más famosas mascotas de la vieja Squaresoft.
Overall this is a good racing game for fans of Squaresoft or fans of Mario Kart type games, but if you are looking for a four player game to play with your friends, this is unfortunately not the game for you. If, however, you enjoy racing games and even like to play them alone sometimes (or don't have any friends), Chocobo Racing has a lot more to keep you busy.
PlayStationMega Fun
Wie heißt es immer so schön: “Schuster, bleib bei deinen Leisten.“ So virtuos Squares Rollenspiele sind, eher durchschnittlich fiel ihr erster Funracer aus. Weder die Anzahl der Strecken noch deren Design können begeistern. Hinzu kommt ein mittelprächtiges Fahrgefühl, das einem nur Minimum zum Herumexperimentieren bietet, da eine coole Drifttechnik fehlt bzw. nicht gut umgesetzt wurde. Außerdem bieten, abgesehen vom Story-Modus, alle Spielvarianten nur kurzfristige Unterhaltung. Nicht das wir uns falsch verstehen: Chocoho Racing ist beileibe kein schlechter Funracer, ihm fehlt aber eindeutig der nötige Feinschliff und die Langzeitmotivation, so dass unterm Strich nur das Prädikat „nett“ herausspringt.
PlayStationGame Revolution
Chocobo Racing only amounts to yet another go-kart driving game. The game never steps out of its Mario Kart clone roots enough to make a lasting impression. Alas, Chocobo is not the big bird of the mascot racing world.
Surprisingly, it took me a while to actually get into the game. I mean, it's not easy. Whether that's by design or by mistake I'm not so sure, but it's not a cakewalk after the Mythril Mines. In fact, the worst designed course in the game is the Haunted Mansion. Even after mastering that one, I hated the swirling, corkscrew section and the trap box. Ughhhh. I can't believe this is a Square game.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Though I’m sure this is a crystal clear fact by now, I feel the need to reiterate how utterly disappointed I was with Chocobo Racing. When I briefly played it at E3 I thought it had a lot of potential, and the beta copy I previewed showed what could have been a really great game if it had just been polished a bit. Okay, actually it needed to be polished a lot, as its final state clearly shows. This title could have been so much more than it was, but poor controls and substandard graphics served to place it solidly in the lower echelons of mediocrity. I still have hopes that one day a kart racer will come out for the PSX that will rival Mario Kart 64, but sadly, Chocobo Racing simply isn’t it.
PlayStationGaming Age
Although those looking for a deep racing title will probably not enjoy Chocobo Racing all that much, kids should have no problem taking to the candy coated visuals, cutesy characters, easy to get into gameplay, and childish story dialog.
Un jeu bien trop faible par rapport à ses concurrents et des bugs qui relèvent de la faute professionnelle, surtout pour les graphismes. On accroche à aucun moment et on se lasse très rapidement de Chocobo Racing.
this game is really a wasted effort on Square's part because it could have been so much more. In fact, the more one plays this game, the more its flaws become apparent. This is a lame abuse of the license when it could have been kick-ass, with a virtual horse-breeder and jockeys riding polygonal Chocobos.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
I could only recommend Chocobo Racing to anyone who owns anything and everything Squaresoft. Unfortunately, it is not a great game and so much potential has been thrown down the drain. Maybe next time...
PlayStationTotalVideoGames (TVG)
The graphics suck, the frame rate is weak, the whole thing reeks of a hack job, and unlike every other Square game I've seen, this is unpolished and problematic. Squaresoft may be masters of the RPG but they are still have problems with the racing genre. Just buy Chocobo Racing and you'll see why.