Choice of Broadsides Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

The Choice of Games business model
Developing the player character through profiling questions
Choosing whether to spin the world on its gender axis
Player character's starting stats
Have you ever had this nightmare?
Finding a fiancee
As the sun sets over the horizon...
Metering free players' access to the game. You can try again, but you have to wait -- or pay!

Browser version

Starting out thrust right into the action
These choices will determine what kind of character the player controls
A bit more plainly put
Character generation writ large
The plot thickens
Proceeding to a new narrative arc
The plot, already thick, thickens further
Character development, measured numerically
An optional side-excursion
This part of the game is influenced by a touch of Jane Austen
Mutiny? Death before dishonour!
Rising in the ranks
A successful climax
Final statistics
A less-successful epilogue

iPhone version

Splash screen
Introduction to the introduction, in which our player generates their character.
We define our abilities and priorities through our choices!
Some of the character-generation questions are less subtle.
This choice alters not only the player's gender, but the gender axis upon which the entire game world revolves!
We don't have to type much in this game, but it's always nice to have a user-definable $PLAYER_NAME string.
Starting statistics
Setting the stage with a cast of naval characters
Progress in a naval career!
An intriguing side-quest.
A recurring nemesis!
The glories of victory
A game well played.